International packing services - furniture - fragile items - household goods - personal belongings - books


When it comes to moving home overseas one of the most time consuming activity is the process of packing of all your personal belongings and furniture. The international packing needs to be done properly, comply with international rules and standards.


  • Full packing service
  • Fragile items packing
  • Disassembly and reassembling of furniture
  • Handyman services
  • Creating an inventory list on the spreadsheet
  • Labelling and marking the cardboard boxes
  • Organising your goods

International Packing Services

Actually there are a few good reasons why you should pack your possessions with a great care.

- you do not want anything to get damaged or even broken

- if you pack your goods yourself, make an inventory and attach it to each box. This will increase the chances that your cargo will go through the AQIS inspection without any problems.

- finally if you organize and pack your stuff properly now it will be a lot of easier to unpack it when you arrive in Australia

Please see below more reasons why you should use a professional shipping to Australia company to pack you household goods !

Packing and protecting for shipping abroad

International packing serviceA lot of experience and knowledge is required to properly pack and wrap all your furniture, mirrors, glasses, ornaments, painting and other fragile items so that they do not get damaged during the transport to Australia. We care about your goods as they were ours. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to our international packing services. We ensure that our packers are professionally trained and know how prepare and pack your belongings for any house move.

It may sound a bit scary and expensive but it is not. A good international packing can save you a lot of money on replacing broken and damaged items like vintage coffee tables, antique chairs, wall paintings, china porcelain etc..

If you still are not sure whether you can afford the packing by movers or not, there is nothing wrong in checking what’s the cost of wrapping, packing and moving boxes. We can provide a separate price for the packing service so you can decide later whether you want to take it or not.

When shipping goods with us you get one of the best services on the UK market. To give you extra piece of mind we will include an insurance option, just in case a disaster happens.

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Trained international packers

Each member of our packing crew has gone through a specially designed expert overseas packing training. To make your things safer we use different boxes for different items. For example all books, papers, documents and archives are packed in book boxes which are stronger and can carry more weight than for example clothes boxes. There are many type of boxes we use: wardrobe boxes for moving clothes, dresses and suits, TV boxes for packing computers, TV’s, painting boxes for canvas art and images, and many, many more other packaging!

Modern packing solutions

Packing and movingOur international moving company has always been up-to-date with the latest international packing solutions. We use the best export wrapping and packing materials: bubble bags, packing foams, glass sponges, rubber corner protectors, polystyrene dividers and many more. For motorcycles, paintings, sculptures and fragile things we build custom wooden crates. The packing methods we apply are of the higher international freight standards.  The solutions we offer are simply outstanding and can’t be replaced by any, even the most sophisticated, self packing methods. Whether you are shipping goods to Sunshine Coast, Perth, Sydney or other location in Australia, we will always provide professional packing solutions.

Floor, doors and walls protection

When leaving your house and immigrating to Australia from the UK you can't forget about your current house. During the move your property is open to different damages. We will take car of it too by protecting the floor, doors, walls and the staircase. When you leave your house it will be cleaned and ready for sale.

Packing painting, ornaments and art works

A significant number of our clients do not know how to pack and protect their most precious and delicate things. Shipping art has its own rules. You need to take car of the moisture, temperature changes and apply some solutions to absorb all shocks, bangs and hits that may occur. If you decide to pack yourself we encourage you to use our international packing service at least for your most expensive and fragile possessions. For the clients that want to be 100% sure we offer crating service combined with special cushioning methods including bubble wrap, carding, edge and corner protectors, straps and air cushions.

How to pack kitchen items for shipping?

Wooden crates for even more secure moves

Single items or a group of a few boxes and furniture can be individually crated. We will estimate the size of your load and our friendly carpenter will design and build a wooden crate just for your goods. The wooden crate is the most secure international packing solution for shipping furniture. Your items are put inside of the tailor-made crate and the empty space is filled with papers, foam and rubber balls so they aren't loose. The crate is loaded and strapped in the shipping container to Australia.

International packing services for shipping and moving overseas

Packing all of your domestic furniture and personal items that you have accumulated over the past years will be the most time consuming and difficult part of preparing and organizing your move to Australia. It is also a good time to get rid of many items that are of no use to you and to your family. There is no point in taking broken goods and furniture to your new home and pay for it.
Do you need professional packing for local shipping to Townsville from Brisbane? Yes - we always recommend to protect all your belongings, even in case of local deliveries. Contact us whether you are sending boxes to Ballarat or looking for packing and moving heavy machinery or other items.

We will be happy to provide you with a quote for a full packing, fragile packing and selected items packing service so you can compare shipping rates and choose the best option for you. Our international packers are fully trained, have many years of experience and you can be sure that your goods will be treated with care: We offer the following overseas packing services:

Packing plates and glassesAs professional packers we can design a wooden crate to suit your individual needs. Just email us your requirements and we will do the rest. The international packing services below will be sufficient to get your items in a perfect condition to your now home: