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Shipping services to Canberra

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Shipping goods to Canberra

We will undertake a cheap shipping to Canberra of any kind of goods you may wish to move. Are you planning to ship excess baggage to Canberra that will not fit on the plane, move the contents of your house or a whole factory together with its specialist equipment? We will do it all – call us and check how much it costs to move from UK to Canberra. Let us give your our price to ship furniture, whether as part of moving your household contents or as part of your business removals to Canberra to your customers. We are going to meet your expectations for your private relocation needs of business moving purposes.

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House removals to Canberra

Are you afraid of packing your household belongings to make them survive the overseas relocation? Did you never move before and have no idea on how to pack goods for your removals to Canberra? Do not worry – our professional shipping companies Canberra will come to your house with all the necessary tools, and packing materials of highest quality and take this burden off your shoulders. Then we will make a detailed inventory of your belongings for customs purposes, load the goods into the container and send from UK to Canberra container, or to a storage room if the need be.

House removals to CanberraIn Canberra we have a set of carefully selected, reliable and trustworthy partners who will deal with all kinds of customs formalities and take care of transporting your goods to your new property. They will not drop your items on your loan and leave, but they can reassemble the pieces of furniture in appropriate rooms, unpack goods and remove all the packing materials to make you feel at home as soon as possible with the smallest effort made by you. We perfectly know how to ship goods to Canberra cheaply and professionally, maintaining all business standards.

Our insurance policy will cover your belongings against any possible damage so you can be sure you are fully covered and perfectly safe.
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About Canberra

It is the capital, the 8th largest city and the largest town. It has a population of about 381,488 people. It situates at the north end of the Australian Capital Territory, 600km northeast of Melbourne and 280km southwest of Sydney. Just like Brasilia in Brazil and Washington D.C in the US, Canberra is not dependent on any state and it is entirely planned outside of any state. It was made a capital in 1908 as a compromise between Melbourne and Sydney that are struggling for the position.

As the capital, a lot of government offices and agencies are sited in this location. The High Court and the Parliament are located here. It is a self governing capital territory. However, there is some influence of the federal government via the National Capital Authority. Besides the presence of government offices, it has numerous social and cultural institutions including the National Library, the National Museum, the Institute of Sport, National University and War Memorial.

International removals to Canberra

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Living in Canberra

As the seat of government or the capital territory it has all the modern time amenities and facilities that make easy and enjoyable. If you are living in this place, you will enjoy life and have a lot of things to do and places to visit. There are more employment opportunities. Its unemployment rate is lower than the national average unemployment rate. Besides, workers are paid higher than workers in most other areas. This compensates for the high cost of housing. The cost of purchasing a property is relatively higher in Canberra partly as a result of regulations on developments.

Living in CanberraIt boost of good education system for any age range. There are publicly owned schools for schoolchildren. The government provides free education to those permanently resident. However, if you are not permanently resident, you are expected to pay your school fees which vary from school to school. International students may be eligible for a fee waiver. But privately owned schools are not available for free for any resident whether you have a permanent visa or not.

However, just as  the case with other cities across the globe, the cost of living depends on a number of factors including a person's lifestyle, family needs, spending habits, circumstances and others. Generally, the residents are always able to live a standard life thanks to the high salaries and wages they are paid.

House prices

Housing costs are relatively high. The number of rooms you hire will determine the amount you will pay. The median housing rent for a three bedroom house is about $420 per week. But if you want to purchase such a house, you will require about $525,000. You can rent a two bedroom apartment with $380 per week and if you want to purchase it, you will require about $400,000. In general, there is a vacancy rate of 4.3%.

Cheap furniture shipping to Canberra

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Working in Canberra

The major provider of employment opportunity is the ACT governments as there are numerous governmental offices. However, there are also numerous privately owned businesses including multinationals and micro-business that provide employment to the residents. As mentioned above, the labour force go home with larger income than their counterparts in other cities.

It is usually refered to as a 20 minute city thanks to its efficient transportation system and its siuze. Going to work is no herculean task. Whether you are driving yourself or commuting with public transport, you will be able to get to your place of work on time. There are cycle paths for people that prefer cycling and also toll-free roads and efficient public transport system. The implication of efficient transportation to employer and employee is that less time will be spent on commuting to and from the office and worksite and more time will be spent on the doing of the job.

It has a healthy and booming economy which shows itself in the low unemployment rate. It has a 3.4% unemployment rate which is lower than 5.1% unemployment. The economy is based on availability of a large number of public sector and commercial establishments. It generates highest level of disposable income.

Consolidated and dedicated container shipping to Canberra

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Reasons to Move to Canberra

Though the it still remains a backwater in terms of development, it is rated higher ncluding states of Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in a number of things such as education, jobs, health and income. So, it is one of the cities that should be included in the list of places you should consider moving to.

Though it is regarded by some locals as a backwater city in terms of development, it still boasts of enhanced amenities. As the capital it has all social amenities including good road network and steady supply of utilities such as electricity, water and gas. There are numerous groceries and supermarkets where you can do your shopping. You will be able to maintain contact with your loved ones across the globe thanks to the effective communication system. There are mobile phone services which may cost an average of $30-$100 per month depending on your usage and your plan. Internet services are also available in case you want to maintain communication with your loved one via the internet.

It is served by Canberra International Airport. The airport is also serving the surrounding regional area of Southeastern NSW and the city of Queanbeyan which is very close. The airport is regard as the eighth biggest airport. In 2011, about 3,240,848 passengers made use of the flights from this airport. The cost depends on which parts of the UK, you are flying from as well as the airline providing the flights.

Shipping costs to Canberra from UK

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Job and education in Canberra

Dedicated container shippingAs it is mentioned above, there are better job opportunities here than in other locations. If you want to relocate here for the purposes of working there, it may be the right place for you. It has a lower unemployment rate. Besides, the available job vacancies have attractive salaries. The gross average weekly wage of workers in May 2013 was $1702 while the national average weekly wage is $1485.80. So, even if you pay much money on accommodation, you will still have enough to take care of your personal needs. Besides the government agencies, there are various privately owned businesses that provide employment opportunities. Even if you don't want to work in the government offices, you can also work in private establishment.

Canberra is of great education importance. If you are looking for a place to do your studies, you should consider coming here. If you are lucky to have a permanent resident visa, then your children can study for free in government owned schools. Besides academic curriculum, there are non-academic or extra-curricular activities provided by the schools that you can register your children for. However, you have to pay for them.

Recreational facilities

Indeed, life will become moribund or uninteresting if all time is dedicated to work without any recreation. You will find plenty of various kinds of recreation activities. Whether you have penchant for ice skating, attending shows or visiting various kinds of attractions, it has various types of recreational facilities to suit different needs. You can try a number of recreational activities. Places to visit include War Memorial, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery, National Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra Glassworks and others. If the recreational facilities do not satisfy, you can drive down to Sydney as it is close to Sydney.

Environmental friendly

It is an eco-friendly agloeration. It is rated as the first city to set a target of no waste by 2010. Now the government is targeting no net emissions by 2060. The ACT in 2012 sets a target of reducing greenhouse emission by 40% by 2020 through its greenhouse gas legislation. In 2013, the ACT government announced a target of supplying all electricity consumed from renewable sources. About 75 percent of waste generated is recycled. However, the plan to make this place purely an eco-friendly has not been realized fully.


Canberra outscored other places such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne in health by the New York Times. There are healthcare facilities in the to take care of the health needs of the people. If the quality of your health is something that you care about, then it should be the right location to move in. There are gyms in various places for people that prefer living active lives. With $15 to $30, you will be able to register for fitness sessions in these gyms. There are private insurance companies that provide various types of health insurance policies to suit different needs. Whether you are there with your family or alone, you will be able to find health insurance plan that will serve your needs.

Good climate

It is said that the sky is always blue here. This simply means that it has a great weather which is suitable for outdoor activities. Its weather makes it suitable for people that like outdoor activities. If you want to swim, the weather is good for that and there are bays and beaches for swimming. You can also engage in other outdoor activities and sports

Other reasons to move to Canberra include:

  • Great schools including universities and tertiary education facilities
  • Rich in culture, concerts, festivals and theatre
  • Great lifestyle
  • Impressive wineries

Things to do

There are a lot things to do here. Canberra is has lots of attractions and places of interest that will meet the needs of any person. Below is a list of things to do and places to visit:

  • War Memorial
  • Parliament House
  • National Gallery
  • Parliament House
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Silo Bakery
  • Ottoman
  • Lanterne Rooms
  • Parlour Wine Room
  • National Museum
  • Lake Burley Griffin
  • Canberra Space Centre
  • National Film & Sound
  • Ginger

Shipping personal items to Canberra from UK

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