Picture and mirror boxes for shipping and moving

Welcome to another tutorial, tips and advice on international packing. This time we will show you how to prepare and pack large flat objects and items like paintings and mirrors. Once we have finished with showing you the proper way of using flat mirror boxes. You will know how to protect window and door panes, bathroom and living room mirrors and paintings, from the damage during the move. We are just about to provide you with plenty of precious instructions on how to pack mirror and picture boxes. Follow our advices step by step and be sure your delicate goods get to the final address in one piece. If you do not know what's the best way to pack picture frames we will show you what to do and how. Before you know it you will be packing your mirrors like a professional mover. Mirror boxes for shipping

Before you start packing mirrors and flat wooden or glass items you need to get some materials. First of all you will need painting and mirror boxes. There are 3 main types of such boxes and of course plenty of different dimensions and colours.

First type of a mirror cardboard box is a box made up of two parts which come together. For larger mirrors and paintings you can use 3 or even 4 parts of such a box. Of course once finished all pieces have to be taped together to make a solid and firm design.

The second type of the window or door pane box is made to specific dimensions. It's size can't be changed. When buying them you have to make sure what sizes you need. These boxes are usually 5, 10 or 15 cm thick. The width and the length may vary and depend on individual requirements.

The third type of a picture box is made up of two pieces. The pieces are the same width and length, just the depth is slightly different so they can overlap. This feature makes the box sizable, very practical, universal and easy to use.

Unfortunately by getting the right packing boxes for moving mirrors and flat glass items you do not buy yourself the 100% guarantee that nothing will get damaged. You have to also know how to use these types of mirror moving cartons and how to secure your fragile and breakable items inside of the box. One of the most important tips is to remember that nothing inside of the box should be loose. When you lift the box up you should not feel any movement inside and hear any noises.

To properly secure the mirror you will also need a lot of good and thick wrapping paper, foam, bubble wrap foil, some old news papers and a lot of good removal tape. You may also need a pen or a good highlighter to mark boxes with numbers, destinations and its contents.

Moving and playing with mirrors around may be very tricky. It is very important that before you start securing it you create yourself some free space. The best practise is to use a large kitchen table. You can also lay down the mirror on the floor.

Many people get nervous when it comes to pack mirrors and pictures. However there is really no need as long as you choose quality flat boxes specially designed for shipping these objects and you take care when packing. Mirror shipping boxes are generally very thin and long. The main goal is to eliminate the movement inside of the box so make sure all mirrors and pictures are packed tightly together. Of course you need to separate each item from each other to eliminate all types of friction and rubbing. You do not have to be afraid of putting several mirrors and paintings together in one box however you have to be careful to not over pack the box.

Organize a large flat surface to work on. Put some packing paper on the bottom of each box to create the cushion. Please the mirror in the centre of the table. Wrap a piece of a thick wrapping material or a bubble wrap around the mirror and apply a piece of tape. If it is a particularly fragile item you can use 2 or eve 2 pieces.

When you place the mirror, flat glass items or a framed picture in the box have the items facing one another. As an extra mean of protection you can put a thin sheet of cardboard in between them. If you have a really large mirror you may have to use two picture boxes. Use the second carton to fit over the first carton, telescoping it to fit. Once you have your items in the box add some foam or news paper to create extra protection. Once the mirror is fully protected close the ends of the box and apply a generous amount of tape. Make sure you tape the box at the bottom and on the top to reinforce it. Mark the mirror boxes with a large sign – fragile. If needed, write on the box where the bottom and the top are so that it is shipped the right way up all the time.

Painting box for shipipng and moving picture prints, canvas art

Assembling the mirror box

 Open the top of your mirror box and turn i upside down and tape the bottom shut. Use plenty of tape to secure the bottom. Please remember that mirrors have their weight and you can put a few into one carton. Put a least five pieces across two pieces over the opening. For extra security tape the bottom around a few times. Once you have finished the packing tape the top of the painting box exactly as the bottom.

How to pack a mirror or a painting on your own?

If you have a lot of time you can make a custom made mirror or painting box in your garage for example. What you need is just a couple of tools and a proper cardboard. Mirrors up to 25 inches in diameter can be packed using the cardboard and foam. Larger, heavier and expensive mirrors should be put into a wooden case or crate. In our opinion using foam for protecting smaller mirrors is the safest way of shipping them overseas. The foam is much stronger and harder than crumpled news papers and smothers the presser and shocks much better. Always properly clean your mirrors and images before you pack them. The dust, grease, sand and other dirt can scratch your items during the long shipping process. The first layer directly separating the mirror or paintings from the box should be an acid free material. This layer will not affect in any way the surface of your objects if during the changing temperature and humidity and other weather conditions. Put the mirror on the cardboard and draw a circle around the mirror.

Picture boxes for shipping and moving

Cut along your mark until you have the circle ready. Tape it over the first layer, making sure nothing gets in between.

Do the same for both sides if the mirror is double-sided.

The acid free layer is very important in the case of shipping antiques. Ordinary paper can react with the canvas, oil paint or picture frames and leave marks which you will not be able to remove without damaging your property.

Forgot to mention but you need to cut the foam too to fit inside the mirror box.

You will need 3 pieces of the foam, each the same size. Once piece will be put on the bottom of the box, one on the top and once need to be prepared for the mirror to fit inside.

Now when you have your mirror or a painting tightly and precisely wrapped around put it on the foam. Take your pencil or a marker once again and draw a circle. stained glass window shipping box.This time you need to create a nice hole in your foam rectangle. Make sure you cut it very accurately it is much better to go inside the drawing lines than outside. Remember that that you need to put your mirror inside that hole and it needs to fit very tightly. If it is too tight you will be able to adjust it however if you do the hole to big you will not be able to do anything.

Now you have all your pieces or a perfect mirror box. Put it all together. Open the box. Put on the bottom the first layer of the foam and next the second layer of the foam with the hole in it. Place your wrapped mirror inside, and put the third layer of the foam on the top.

Close the picture box and check if nothing is moving inside. If there is some, for extra security put some foam's cuttings on sides and some of the top to prevent the content from moving horizontally and vertically. Close the box for cheap shipping from UK your mirrors to Australia and tape it around at the bottom, at the top and across to add it some extra strength.

It is a lot of work but once you have finished you will be satisfied with what you have achieved. Now you can be confident that your mirror can be sent by sea or air and it will arrive in Australia in the same condition you put it into your tailor made painting, mirror or stained glass window shipping box. Remember that you can always entrust this task to local Melbourne or Hobart shipping companies. They will do it professionally.

Shipping a mirror boxes to Australia

Contact us to get a shipping cost to Australia from UK for your mirrors and paintings.

Picture frame packing boxes

Picture frame packing boxes have been specially designed and made for the safe shipping of all sorts of canvas framed art prints, pictures and photos and other wall art. Unlike most of the similar picture frame cardboard boxes available to buy on the internet and from local shops, which are based on the single wall cardboard design our boxes for shipping pictures, mirrors and paintings are made from a strong double walled cardboard. The full and complete packaging consists of bubble wrap, 2 sheets of cardboard, protective foam, corner protectors and the picture frame packing box.

Unfortunately this type of boxes for shipping any flat, fragile items do not belong to the cheapest ones. However they have a very good opinion among their users. If you are about to send your flat screen TV, computer monitor, a mirror or a painting overseas this picture frame moving boxes are some of the best on the market. You do save on boxes but on your goods that will not require any repairs, restoration or replacement.

Sending mirrors and pictures boxes to OZ

Picture and painting boxes come in different sizes and are suitable for stretch canvas paintings and prints. The smallest box we have is perfect for 10 inch by 8 canvas size and the biggest for 30 inch by 30 inch canvas size. Of course we can make boxes to any dimensions provided.

The standard depth for mirror and picture boxes is 5cm.

To keep the box delivery costs down we send our picture frame boxes flat packed. The can be purchased in packs of 2, 5 and 10.

Please note we can produce boxes in accordance with the dimensions provided. For specific sizes and bulk order rates please give us a call or send a quick email.

Our picture and images moving boxes have been designed to make the packing for shipping process as easy and quick as possible. In only four simple steps you can pack your mirror or canvas painting and be sure it will get to your new home in a perfect state – no scratches, cracks or any other damages.

How to pack a mirror or a picture?

  1. Together with the stretched canvas print you have received protective foam. From the experience we know the bubble wrap is not the best choice with regards to the material used to wrap around your painting. The bubble wrap surface is not flat and the bubbles can leave funny pattern prints on your image. Please use the protective foam provided to wrap around your piece of art.
  2. The painting and mirror boxes come with two flat squares or rectangles of cardboard. One of them should be used to protect the back and the other the front of your object. By using both flat cardboards you will make the picture more secure during the transport. It makes the entire box more unaffected by a punctual pressure.
  3. Take the mirror box, open it and put on a table, sofa or on the floor. Take the painting and place it on the inner side of the box.
  4. Fold all sides, flaps and tape the box around. Your painting or picture print is ready to be shipped.  

Picture frame shipping boxes