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Shipping goods to Australia from UK

Our moving companies have vast experience in the transportation of household goods and equipment from the UK to Australia. Depending on the budget and needs of our clients we can offer air delivery or sea shipping.

Sending goods by air transit time is from 5 days up to 2 weeks, depending on the day of order and the type of services. For example the quickest way of shipping personal effects to Australia is airport to airport service.

Sending items to Australia by sea takes on average 12 weeks for door to door option - Collection, ocean delivery, and then transport by road from the port of entry to an address in Australia is 10 - 12 weeks.

We know how important it is for our customers to receive the goods on time. Thanks to the excellent logistics system of our company and many global partners around the world we help our customers to minimize the cost of shipping goods and customs clearance.

Special category of goods

When planning a shipment of household goods to Australia it's quite important to learn what items can be shipped tax and duty free, what conditions have to be met and what categories of goods there are.

Personal belongings, household goods or any private items are also known as unaccompanied personal effects (UPEs). They may include ornaments, paintings, clothing, books, furniture, white goods, and sporting equipment. UPEs are a special category of private goods that you may want to ship. If a number of conditions are met, your UPEs goods may be cleared from Customs control. So there is a chance that you will not have to lodge import declarations, pay duty, goods and services tax (GST) or other charges. Please note that UPEs are not the items that you carry with you. They are goods that you import using air cargo, sea cargo, freight forwarder, removal company or international mail providers.

List of items that can't be treated as unaccompanied personal effects:

  • any motor vehicles and cars
  • parts for motor vehicles
  • No UPE items
  • items you are planning to sell
  • anything that you have purchased from overseas while being in Australia (including internet shopping)
  • goods which you have inherited
  • items restricted and prohibited

Travellers shipping personal effects duty free

  • Travellers aged 18 and over can bring into Australia goods duty free if their total value do not exceed A$900.
  • Children and youth under 18 can bring personal items of the total value not exceeding A$450.
  • It is allowed to bring 2.25L of alcohol and this is including spirits, wine and beer
  • You can carry with you not more than A$10.000 in cash

Shipping small and large items to Australia

If you are shipping personal goods to Australia there is a good news for you. If the total value of your large or small goods is under A$1000 you may get it cleared from Customs and Border Protection by filling in a Self Assessment Clearance (SAC) declaration. SAC must be made electronically through Customs Integrated Cargo System (ICS). Integrated cargo systm registration form fo shipipng goods to AustraliaThere is no offline paper forms available.

The SAC declaration can be made on your behalf by:

  • your shipping agent
  • a SAC declaration service provider
  • a Customs broker

To qualify and to be able to take advantage of the available duty free allowance you must be the owner of the items for at least 12 months. Also you will have to be in Australia or you will be moving to Australia soon. Also You will have to be a permanent resident or a person that is coming to OZ for the first time and is planning to stay there for a long time.

Shipping personal effects to Australia with a total value that is over A$1000 must be cleared. You will have to fill in and submit B650 - import declaration form and pay GST, duty and other taxes and administration charges that apply.

Restricted and prohibited items

Items prohibited from shipping to Australia

There are some items that are restricted or prohibited from sending. Below is a list of some of them: Fruit and Vegetables, Meat and Meat Products, Seeds and Nuts, Plants and Soil, Dairy, Eggs and Egg Products, Live Animals, Animal Products, Laboratory Material, Antibiotics. For more info visit the section dedicated to restricted and prohibited goods. Here you can see what items you can not take into Australia.

Sending small goods to Australia

Luggage and excess Baggage shipping to Australia - too much personal goods is always a problem especially when you are planning a longer trip. Do you know anyone who could send goods for you? Well you do not have to look any further as a specialist in sending small parcels, boxes and single items we make it easy for you. Your larger items can be send in any size and shape exactly as they are. With our specialist packing and wrapping materials, boxes and tapes your personal goods will rich their destination in a perfect condition. Sending your domestic goods to Australia with us is as easy as sending a post card :) Check our shipping to Bunbury solutions.

Shipping everyday use things to Australia from UK

Shipping everyday use items and other thing to AustraliaIf you have a question regarding shipping personal effects to Australia please drop us a quick email. We will be happy to send you our guide on restricted and prohibited items. Basically you can take with you most everyday use small and big items such as household furniture items, kitchen stuff, living and bedroom items.

You can even move willow, wicker, oak barrels, cane, rattan and other wood related products. Unfortunately most of wooden items need to comply with certain regulation and go through a quarantine as well as an approved treatment which can include fumigation, gamma irradiation, heat, boiling and permanent preservative.

Do not worry if you want to sent goods on pallets, timber, plywood or veneer goods. Our experienced movers will come up with the cheapest and quickest solution. Sending different stuff with us is easy. Just email us a list of all everyday use items you want to ship to Australia and we will check what requirements have to be met. The cost of sending items to Australia will be broken down so you know what to expect. Here you can see more about furniture shipping.

Sending belongings to Australia FAQ

When should I initiate contact with a removal company to send items to OZ?

We will recommend that you start searching for a mover to Australia to send your belongings as earlier as possible, and preferably between 6-8 weeks before travelling. This will help you get enough quotations to compare and prepare for your travelling in earnest. Most of our clients Is sending personal effects to Australia at least 10 weeks before they leave the UK so that they do not have to wait too long for their items to be delivered.

How do I get quotations for my upcoming goods collection and delivery?

There is a “shipping quote” link on our website which you can click on to compare personal belongings delivery costs, or simply give us a call on our free-toll number or simply chat to us online to discuss your requirements with us and get a quotation. We can visit your residence for a free home survey, and we will also discuss with you among several other things, your crating (wooden crates for shipping) or packing requirements, access to your destination property and parking suspensions/permits. We will also give you quotations based on the number of options you have. We offer a very flexible UK to Australia personal effects shipping service for any type of household and private things.

How do you calculate and how much to ship belongings to Australia?

International shipments of private items quotes are usually based on the total volume of your personal belongings and household goods. We will calculate your packaging needs based on volume per cubic feet or cubic meters. You need to calculate the length, width and height of your goods in order to calculate the total cubit measurement. We will prepare your quotes based on the costs of Ocean freight, and other costs such as labour, parking at destination, crating car standing cost, and packing costs , among others. Our quotes for shipping personal effects to OZ are free.

Shipping personal effectsAre there any other costs associated with sending domestic stuff overseas?

Some of the costs in your quotation include; the export packing and wrapping service provided by our personnel, the materials used in packing your goods, costs of UK haulage services from your residence to the port and if necessary via our warehouse, bills such as export clearance and preparations, charges relating to ocean freights to port and destination terminal charges, charges relating to custom clearance at destination, delivery to the first floor of destination address, costs relating to unwrapping and disposing off packaging materials. You should take note that no two removals services are the same, therefore we will personalized your moving goods to Australia quote and charges such as destination fees if you choose “Port only shipment” services , may not be included in the quotation.

What costs are excluded from my removal quotes?

Some of the costs not included in the moving house overseas quotes are; charges on storage at destination , taxes relating to import duties, Tax relating to Goods and services (Australia), Australia and new Zealand quarantine examination services, charges relating to steam cleaning, cargo dues that are charged in South Africa, charges relating to dock rent and demurrages,  charges relating to maid and handyman services, and charges relating to tarns-shipment , and hoisting caused by inaccessible destination address. You can always phone us and we will explain what's the best and cheapest way of shipping personal effects to Australia.

What notice I need to give so that you have time to prepare, pack and ship my goods?

It will be ideal to notify us as soon as you know that you want to send stuff to Australia but we recommend not later than 2 weeks and if the 2 week notice is unrealistic, we will try our best to book your most convenient date. You should try and conclude your booking with us as soon as your removal date is settled. In making your booking for shipping personal effects at last minute, you will be required to complete the “acceptance of quotation” form that we supply along with your quote; therefore you must return the form to us to book your date- this form can be completed on our website likewise. Here you can read more about shipping to Sydney.

When do you expect me to make payment for the shipment of my items?

An invoice will be sent to you upon the receipt of your “acceptance of quotation”. We also expect you to make payments for shipping any type of personal items before we collect your property. Cheques, debit or credit card are the payment methods we do accept for now, and you can also do a direct bank transfer with us. Unfortunately for urgent, last minute, same day collection shipments of goods we can not accept any cheques.

Who will be my main contact at your office?

We will allocate a personal coordinator for your goods delivery service once you entrust it into our hands. Your personal move coordinator will be in contact with you through telephones and personal emails. He will inform you about details from the point of collecting your domestic goods to the point of delivery at destination.

What do you do when my goods arrive in Australia?

We will get our destination agent to contact you and prepare your goods for customs clearance and quarantine examinations at destination port. Our destination agent will also work out the suitable date for the final delivery of your goods in Australia once customs clearance has been obtained.

How can I plan the shipment of my personal effects?

We will advise that you start separating your items into what you want to sell , ship, dispose or store as soon as you know you are about to move. It is ideal you know the amount of individual belongings and the number of shipping boxes you want to send, and make sure you get your quotations from at least two to three movers while planning to send goods overseas. Make sure you separate and put personal items to be packed and shipped in an easy-to-locate area before our staff arrives and make sure you sort out flight tickets, passports, medications and jewelries before you start packing.

What items should I exclude from shipping?

Items such as inflammables, ammunitions and firearms, plants, seeds, perishable items such as foodstuffs, narcotics, alcohol, and Pornographic materials are prohibited from shipping. Other things prohibited from freight include; animal furs, animal skins, animal tusks, and endangered species of all kinds. It will be ideal to check the import regulations of the country destination for comprehensive lists of prohibited materials.

Can I do the packing of my goods by myself?

We will provide all needed materials if you wish to pack by yourself or you can get them from your source, however our professional packing service provides much better packing results. Though you may pack few personal items by yourself but our professionals understands the best packing materials for each item. We can deliver cartons and other packing materials to your residence before your moving date. If you pack we will not be in position to guarantee the safety for the shipping of personal effects. Only goods and things packed by us will be fully insured.

Shipping goods to AustraliaDo you provide storage and shipping of my properties?

Prior to your goods leaving the UK, we may provide you with storage warehouse service whether your property will be shipped immediately or after a long while. Some of our secured storage facilities are HM approved. We can also arrange storage for your goods, especially if your presence will be required at destination country before the items can be cleared. We will also arrange the shipping of possessions to coincide with your arrival, if you are moving well ahead of shipment. Check this link if you need shipping to Melbourne.

Will be my goods packed by professionals?

The quality of packing of your goods is important to us; therefore we ensure that all our packing staffs have export packing skills that meet international standards. Our packers will use the best and most recent packing techniques that will deliver your possessions to Australia with no damage.

Do you offer insurance for shipping my possessions?

We do provide excellence in handling and protecting your goods, and we ensure that the best staff are chosen to ensure the delivery of your private belongings to OZ.  However we need you to keep in mind that the risks involved when sending personal effects to Australia vary widely all over the world and some of these are beyond our control. For these reasons we advise that you get shipping insurance cover in equivalent of the costs of your goods at the destination country. Standard liability cover is the type of protection will normally recommend to our clients and under this option, our company will accept any type of responsibility or liability for loss or damage of your stuff until they are delivered to the final destination.

To get our standard liability cover you will need to fill our “Overseas removal valuation form” and make payments {premiums}. Contact us to find out how much to ship goods to Australia. We offer best rates for shipping personal effects costs.

Shipping personal effects

Shipping belongings to AustraliaThere comes a time in your life when you need to move abroad and have to organize the shipping of personal effects. Here, we are talking about such moves that involve total relocation abroad, and which involves moving with children. This can actually get some people sick. In fact, shipping items to Austrlia, epsecially sending fragile private goods is one of the most difficult and stressful things you can embark on.  There are preparations, executions and many other things involved. However, for this not to weigh you down and for you to get it right by not leaving some things behind, you have to use the services of an expert.

You may be moving to Australia because of work, you may be moving for holidays or other entertainment purposes, and it can be because of retirement or other things. Whichever reason you are shipping items to OZ because of, so far as you have a family you want to move with, it becomes very difficult.  Here, you need moving services from commercial household goods removals firms. However, you have to be careful so as to insure that you are getting the best. Check our offer of cheap shipping to Hobart from UK.

When this is the case, the first port of call when you want to arrange shipping things for your move is for you to clean up. In most cases, it is even a better time for this clean up because they wouldn’t have been able to do so if not for the move. You have to clear out all the items you wouldn’t need to ship in your new destination. The best way to do this is by cleaning up your house and sorting one room at a time.  Just get boxes and pack all of these unwanted things into the boxes. When you must have collected all that you will no longer need by moving through all the rooms, you have to divide them into things you will need to sale to make a little more money, those to be given out to friends and relatives and the ones to be disposed in the trash. However, you may want to leave some behind with your immediate families so that you will have some to use whenever you come in. In terms of shipping belongings to Australia like your beddings, tables, sofas, duvets and other things, you may want to move with them because you will not enjoy the cost of furnishing your new home from the scratch. Click here if you want to book a shipping to Darwin.

When you must have done this, you now turn to your electrical. The number one port of call is your fridge and freezer. You can continue to use all the other electrical till the departure day. But your fridge and freezer must be defrosted at least two days before your shipping household stuff company turns up. It is after two days that you can now pack them and get them ready for the move. By this time, they must have dried up.

Shipping items to Australia

When you have done the necessary in disposing the personal things you may not need again, the next port of call should be to make out a day, at least amongst one of the weekends before the date of the move to arrange the things you will be moving with. In this case, you should pack all your belongings in the appropriate boxes and dismantle the furniture in the most appropriate manner. This is the section you should solicit for help from your friends and well-wishers. Remember that when you are shipping goods to Australia that are packed by you, the all risk insurance will not be available to you.
You should prepare for this section by getting the big sturdy shipping items to Australia boxes from the an online store.  Coupled with this should be the marker pens, the bubble wrap, probably a big roll, and masking tape and other tapes for the packing of the fragile things.  If you are packing the properties yourself, you should get these from the household goods removal companies move manager for your move. He will also provide you with plan and advice on how to pack and ship domestic items to OZ. However, if you want the removals firm to do the entire thing for you, better. They will be coming with all these and many more.  For things to be easier for you, you have to draw up a floor plan. When you do this, you insure that each room has particular boxes containing all the properties that will be in the room. This should be properly marked so as to give you an easy packing when you get to the new home. This is not the cheapest option for sending private goods to Australia from the UK but it's definitely the safest and the quickest. With this marking, you will also stick to a procedure when the boxes are packed into the removals van. The ones to be brought out first, probably ones for the first rooms to be arranged should be placed outside, while the ones to be unpacked lastly should go deep inside the van. Our company will also arrange shipping to Perth.
Remember, if you have a three bedroom apartment with your kids, it is probably the 40 feet container size that will be able to accommodate all the loads.

Sending private items

Sending stuff to OZBefore you move private items to Australia form the UK, you have to insure that those personal effects that you will need more often are packed in plastic transparent bags or boxes and placed where you can easily see them. Also, your fragile loads are supposed to be made transparent or this should be indicated on the boxes when opaque, to avoid manhandling.
Before departure, you should look at this moving checklist to insure that you are getting it right.  Check for the currency or cash at hand to execute some other minor needs for the move, even though you may have paid goods to Australia removals.  Other things to insure that you are moving with includes the loo roll, eating utensils, medicines, tea, coffee and other staple foods, plug adapters, cloths to be used for change of clothes when it becomes necessary. Things like corkscrew and other immediate and regular needs must also be considered and provided for.
You must avoid the issue of making preparations at the last minute. Organizing the shipment of personal effects to Australia with urgency may make you forget things you want to take. Also shipping goods at last minute will cost you a lot. Don’t accept quotes without properly studying the fine print and what is involved in such.  Don’t ever get involved in poor packing of items for moving. If you do this, you would have made more problems for yourself during the delivery. Here you can read more about shipping to Adelaide. Make sure all the necessary documents are completed and signed before you make the move. Also insure that your address given to the removals firm or any other person you are in business with is the correct one. Make sure your payment issues are settled, insure that your computers with your important data is moved the best possible way. Please don’t involve too many people, because it may bring in confusion, and lastly, keep in touch with the shipping firm even after the move.