Do you want to ship a bed, a table, a wardrobe, an armchair, a 2 or 3-seater sofa to Australia from the UK?

Furniture moves

As you probably know your furniture will take up most space in a container. Would you like to find out what to do to reduce the cubic volume of your furniture transport to Australia to minimize the quote value? We are the experts and will advice you on all possible options!

Shipping quote

When shipping furniture you will be charged based on the cubic volume. That's why we need to know all the biggest items of furniture you are planning to ship - including garage, shed and garden items.

Shipping furniture

Shipping furniture to Austrlaia from UK

Cheap furniture shipping

Shipping furniture especially overseas can be very stressful for many people and requires great effort and energy throughout the entire moving process. We will make every effort to ensure that the burden associated with your household furniture move is reduced to the absolute minimum.

For many years we have been gaining experience in the international furniture transportation making every effort to ensure that our services are carried out in a fair and professional manner.

For all our clients we will find the right solution. We can ship just one 2 or 3-seater sofa or the entire content of your house including double beds, wardrobes, kitchen tables, garden, garage and shed items.

Furniture transport from UK

The best way to trasport furniture to AustraliaFor smaller shipments we offer part load container shipping and for bigger moves 20 ft container shipping. For those who are looking to ship all furniture from their at least 5 bedroom house we offer 40 ft container transport. Please note that your furniture can be also shipped with your car in the same box.

We can drop off the container so you can pack and load your furniture on your own or our expert packers and movers will do it for you.

The droppings off and collecting of the box require special equipment which can make your move a bit more expensive. That’s why we have modern vehicles, fitted with a tail lift to load and transfer your furniture and other goods to our depot safely.

If you wish we can dismantle the larger furniture to reduce their cubic volume which will make your furniture shipping cheaper. Of course at the other end we will reassemble everything so you do not have to worry about it. Any pieces of furniture that you no longer need we can dispose of, recycle, buy or sell on our second hand and used furniture auctions.

Shipping a bed, 2 and 3-seater sofa, tables, beds and wardrobes to Australia

We provide special services such as international furniture shipping from the UK to Australia. We have shipped many unusual items like pianos, safes, fireproof cabinets, grandfather clock or sculptures.

When organizing furniture transport and removal services,we always try to eliminate so-called. 'Empty runs', which allows us to offer queen-size bed, armchair, kitchen and dining tables shipping services of the highest standard at affordable prices for everyone.

Cheap furniture shipping from UK to AustraliaThis is particularly important in case of overseas furniture freight forwarding, where the distance is the main factor in determining the final shipping price. All furniture transported and shipped from the UK by our international moving companies should be covered to the amount of £200,000 (please check your shipping quotes if this has been included).

Our area of operation covers the whole United Kingdom – domestic furniture shipping from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to Australia.

We efficiently and quickly move apartments, houses, businesses and enterprises. We offer very attractive prices and provide honesty, integrity and full commitment to every job. We guarantee a friendly atmosphere and high manners of all our employees. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our cheap furniture shipping from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and other UK cities to any destination in Australia including shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or shipping to Wollongong. There is no furniture that can't be shipped by us! We can take care of your fancy couch, wooden items, cupboard or wardrobes, arm chairs, bookcases, single bed with the frame and mattress and ship it to Australia.  

Shipping bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture to Australia

We offer our services to both individual and businesses customers. We are ready to take long term cooperation on favourable terms. We provide a comprehensive shipping of furniture to Australia from UK, from all over the country and Europe. We provide packaging, the necessary wrapping paper and padding materials for safe moving. If you are looking for furniture shipping firm that can relocate you fast and cheap we would like to present our offer to you. When carrying out the transportation of small and large furniture from the UK we always have in mind the safety of the products entrusted to us. As a result no furniture will be damaged during the shipment.

Shipping beds, sofas, tables, chairs and wardrobes to AustraliaWe guarantee the highest quality services at affordable prices for everyone - sea shipping for those who want to send furniture using the cheapest method and air shipping for those who do not have a lot of time and are in hurry.

We can can collect and move your chairs, dressing table, TV stand, coffee tables, dresser and any type, size and amount of cupboards from anywhere in the UK and to any location in OZ, including delivery to Geelong.

We remain at your disposal. Transporting furniture abroad from United Kingdom is what we do the best. We have many years of experience in this field and we have modern vehicles, a reliable network of furniture shippers to carry corner sofa, TV-stands, display units, cots, kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture from UK to Australia. We move furniture of different sizes. We provide a smooth and expeditious implementation of the services included in the payment for the furniture transportation, as well as free property survey. Our staffs are excellent professionals. We will make every effort to meet all of your expectations. Regardless of the destination in OZ, we can delivery your furniture safely and as quickly as possible. If you are shipping furniture to Toowoomba or Sydney, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Protecting and sending furniture overseas

We will be happy to help you send and delivery your furniture to anywhere in Australia. We will answer all your questions:

How much does it cost to ship furniture to Australia in 2021?

There is no simple answer to this question, as the costs of shipping furniture from UK to Australia depends on many different factors, it includes the distance between pick-up address and the delivery location, the actual cubic volume of your shipment, type of the services as well as needed urgency of the furniture delivery from UK to Australia.

If you are looking for average prices, you should be prepared to pay between £950 and even £5000. If you are shipping contents of 1 bedroom house from London to Sydney, it will cost about £1000, while shipping contents of the entire 4-bedroom house you can spend up to £3000 on the same route. If you need urgent delivery you should consider using our air freight for furniture shipping, but you sould expect higher rates.

If you are planning your budget, you should be aware of the additional costs that could arise when shipping furniture to Australia from the UK. Our extra services include packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, cleaning either your old or new property after relocaiton. Contact us and provide your requirements, so we can reply to you with our offer tailored to your requirements. By requesting initial quote you can adjust the services that require.

If your budget doesn't allow you to choose our full package, you could also consider decluttering your property before overseas relocation. This way you can avoid sending furniture that your do not need any longer. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new furniture in Australia rather that shipping them from the UK - unless they have sentimental value for your.

Is it worth shipping furniture to Australia from UK?

Moving house abroad is hardly a decision made on the spur of the moment. Even if it is, you don’t get to move the next day. Then again, there’s a world of difference between hopping across the border to a neighbouring country and relocating to the antipodes. While those who are after a fresh start in a new place can literally take the first flight and begin their new life some 36 hours later, many people will want to bring some of their old world along. After all, it’s often just as hard to ignore emotional attachment to those things that remind us of our beloved ones as it is to bin fully functional and practical everyday use items we have cherished for so long. Sounds familiar?

Let’s examine the question of whether it is worth shipping furniture to Australia from the UK. We will discuss some practical and sentimental aspects that will have a potentially huge impact on the overall cost of shipping your private belongings to Australia. We’ll also look into the current import regulations and average delivery times. That will perhaps sieve off some of the things that may be on your list. Finally, we will look at the costs associated with shipping goods to OZ and the time needed for them to arrive there.

Practicality or sentiment?

There’s a piece of one’s soul in every gift. A quick glance at a treasured item will often bring back fond memories of a beloved one. Likewise, pieces of furniture can have a sentimental value. Some items are simply irreplaceable and nobody’s going to talk you out of that.

Taking furniture to AustraliaAll those items that you cannot imagine parting with you should simply ship to Australia. In case you’ll be shipping fragile items or some pieces of antique furniture, it would be advisable to consider some extra protection for them. Custom made, specialised packing will significantly increase the cost of shipping to Australia. But, as you know, some things do not have a price tag on them.

When it comes to shipping any other regular pieces of furniture or everyday use personal belongings, you will have to think “practicality first”! After all, is it worth importing a massive bed frame that may have absolutely no practical use in your new flat? Same with worn out or damaged stuff that can be easily replaced with items available locally after arrival. While planning your shipment, it is necessary to think in terms of often radical differences in ways of living between the UK and OZ. A spacious apartment in London is a fr cry from the living conditions typical of a beach town like Sydney. Will you fit all the furniture into that new studio of yours in Melbourne? Perhaps selling or donating some of the stuff you’ll no longer need is the way to go. An honest look at your inventory will help you decide.

Regulations on importing furniture to Australia

Much in the same way as any other country, Australia imposes some restrictions on the types and quantities of importable goods. Moreover, you will have to incur the cost of customs duties and taxation on the items you’ll be shipping overseas. We suggest that you research the subject thoroughly. It will certainly help to decide what is going with you, and what isn’t.

In an attempt to protect its native fauna and flora, Australia puts in place rigid restrictions on importing wood and wooden items that are deemed risky. As such, wood can be infested with all sorts of dangerous microbes, such as:

  • dust mites
  • insects
  • mould spores

Make sure your furniture has been cleaned and adequately packed before you commission shipment despatch. Don’t forget to check whether you’ll have to declare any of the items you’re planning to send.

How much will it cost you to send furniture and how long will you have to wait?

Long story short, moving home is a costly undertaking, to say nothing of shipping goods across the world. The overall cost of removals to Australia is determined by a selection of factors. These are:

  • the number and weight of your furniture items
  • the relocation distance
  • the transportation method
  • the required transportation services
  • the time of the move
  • the international furniture movers involved

All things considered, you will be looking at a price range of £3000 – £6500 for a door-to-door service by sea. Also, some of the above factors will be subject to seasonal fluctuation in price, the peak season being August – September and January – February. Bear in mind that some extra on-demand services will add to the total cost incurred. Some of these could be:

  • disassembly and reassembly of furniture
  • professional packing and unpacking services
  • door-to-door delivery
  • extra insurance coverage

Time-wise, however, your shipment may not make it to OZ for up to several months, if you opt for sea freight. This is a real game changer for those considering importing massive shipments to Australia. At the end of the day, you will have to do without your furniture for a significantly long period of time. On the other hand, sea freight is nowhere near airfreight in terms of financial expenditures. It guarantees nearly instant delivery, but what a drainage of your pocket! Perhaps, it is altogether wiser to spend the money on furniture once you’ve landed?

New country, new furniture

Why not spend some time researching furniture prices in Australia before you actually decide what and if you want to ship any of your stuff. After all, your new country of residence differs significantly from what you are used to here in the UK. Donating and selling your household goods will likely get you some extra quid that’ll go into the furniture replacement fund. Plus all the money that you’ll not spend on shipping. Just give it a thought.