Moving checklist

Moving abroad require proper planning and a lot of work. You can prepare to your move with our checklist. It will help you to understand what is involved in the relocation to another country and will give you an idea of where to start.

To make it easier you can print out our moving checklist to Australia. To do this, use the link at the bottom of the article "Print".

The main objective is to pack without a haste.

Checklist to be done two months before the relocation

  • Checklist to AustraliaInventory and cleaning – go to each room in your house and decide what you keep. This is the best moment for getting rid of unwanted furniture. If you have a large apartment, make two lists – one for the furniture and one for the items that can be put in boxes. You would be much easier if you had the opportunity to measure your new house. If you are moving overseas to a house that is considerably smaller there is a risk that for example your favourite sofa will not fit to any room. Unnecessary furniture can be immediately photographed and put up for sale on EBay or other used furniture for sale auctions. You can also call local charities and donate your beds, tables and wardrobes to them.

    Over the last few years you have probably gathered a lot of things you no longer need or you simply use just once a year or so. Most of them got dirty and need proper cleaning. The Australian customs will not allow any dirty items to enter the country. The will arrange the cleaning on your behalf. All costs will have to be covered by you. It is much cheaper to do it in the UK. You can clean everything yourself or get a cleaning company to do it for you. For more tips and a moving checklist dedicated to cleaning items for cheap shipping to Australia contact our office. Doing everything at once is unlikely to succeed, so plan out the inventory and cleaning job for a few days.
  • Planning – Once you have made the list of items to be placed in boxes sit down and think how many and what type of boxes you will need. If you need special packing materials for fragile and valuable items, write it down too. If you need just your baggage to be shipped, you should check our express baggage shipping to Wollongong, Perth, Melbourne or other locations.
  • Packing materials - Go to internet and check what type of boxes there are and what you can use them for. For example there are wardrobe boxes for shipping clothes, suits, dresses, book-boxes for moving books, glass boxes, TV boxes, bicycle boxes etc.. Request as many quotes as you can. Spend some time on that but make sure each shipping firm quotes based on the same inventory.

    Shipping tips

    Do not rely on rates quoted just via emails or websites. Call and ask for exact figures. Specify the time and ask for a full breakdown of all shipping prices. Make sure there are no hidden and extra charges.

    Ask your international movers to visit you at home and carry out a house survey. Ask them to bring some references for similar moves. Each company should also have a moving checklist to Australia which should be available to you for free.

    Get a few folders or a proper file binder - keep there all important documents you need (certificates, powers of attorney, bank statements, receipts, birth certificates, diplomas, tax documents, receipts for recent utility, council tax and landline bills etc.. )
  • Clinics, schools and kindergartens – Find out what you need to do and what papers you need to transfer you kinds to a new kindergarten or to a new school.

    Speak to your doctor he will help you to choose the new one. Write everything down in your diary or add to the list below. You can make your own checklist for moving to Australia.