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Bringing pets to OZ step by step

There is no exception! The exportation of all pets, including dogs and cats, is subject to hard procedures and to a minimum of 30 days quarantine time.
The step by step guide for moving the most popular house animals can be viewed below. --> Procedures.

How much is shipping pets to Australia?

An approximate cost of sending a cat should be around £1500 and about the same for all small dogs. The price to ship bigger dogs can go up to £3500. The pet quarantine cost in Australia starts at AUD$ 800. For a full breakdown and more info go to: --> costs of bringing pets.

Moving domestic pets to Australia

Australia has implemented quite rigorous standards on the bringing in of house and outdoor pets, overseeing the category of animals that are allowed to be imported and the countries they arrive from. The regulations are made by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).

Most of dogs, donkeys, cats, goats and horses can be exported from the UK to OZ, subject to local government by-laws. Other household pets, such as house mice, hamsters, ferrets, caged birds, black/brown rats, etc are absolutely prohibited however you should be able to get them for the local shops while you there.

Bringing a pet to Australia

You need 7 months at best. Eith or nine months is evenbetter. This is because Australia classifies European countries as Category 3 countries for the import of pets.
This means your dog or cat will have to spend at least 10 days in pet quarantine in Australia.

Cats and dogs will have to spend at least 10 days in quarantine upon arrival in Australia. However, the country has only one quarantine facility and is often fully reserved. The lack of space means that your pet will not be allowed into the country. So you will have to spend a lot of time on this. Verification of applications takes approximately 7 days.

If your pet is a puppy or kitten less than 3 months old, this process will take longer. This is because your pet will need to prove rabies free for at least 180 days prior to travel. One month before the rabies test, they will need a rabies vaccine. And no cat or dog may be vaccinated until they are 3 months old. Take it into consideration.

Removal can be a challenge for you, but also for your pet. Moving to new house or flat is something that animals don’t understand. The owner should take a special care of the pet or pets during the whole removal process and pay a lot of attention to pet accommodation and adaptation after moving in to a new place.

The period of moving out from the old house and moving in to the new one can be very difficult for the pet. Furniture from the apartment is missing, even its personal belongings like its bowl, bed or toys are being taken away by removal company workers.

Then whole family is moving to totally new environment with new furniture, new rooms and different scents. Contact us for useful tips and advice on how to make your pet comfortable during the removal.

Costs of moving pets to Australia - breakdownUpdated 30/10/2020

Transporting pets to Australia is expensive. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars. This is because animals must be transported under the conditions prescribed by law. The transit rooms must be large enough for the animal to stand up and sit down without touching the top of the box and for the animal to lie down in its natural position and turn around.

Pets must also be shipped to Melbourne as manifest, not excess baggage. These factors mean that prices don't fluctuate much. It is undeniably worth getting an offer from several shipping companies - at least three. This way you will have a better idea of ​​the fair price.

If you want your company to take care of the entire relocation to Australia - including the transport of furniture - then you will be able to ask for discounts on the entire package more often. Always ask for the best price they can offer for it as it may be negotiable.

You will also need to save a lot of cash before your relocation to OZ, as the pet transportation costs to Australia are quite high. The main thing to keep in mind is planning well in advance before moving and making sure you have enough time. Below you can find breakdown of the total costs of shipping pets to Australia:

Breakdown of pet shippign costs to Australia:

The biggest two components of bringing animals to Australia are transport and quarantine. The airline transport itself costs about 1500.00 GB.
Mandatory 10-day quarantine costs are $ 300.00 for application and transportation from the airport, plus $ 150.00 per day or approximately $ 1,800.00 for the entire quarantine period.

What to do? - step by step guide on how to organize taking a pet to OZUpdated 30/10/2020

Taking a pet to Australia - step ty step
  1. Confirm if your pet fulfils general requirements.
    If you want to rest easy, it makes sense to call several vet offices in your area until you find someone who has the experience.
  2. Permanent identification - getting a microchip
    Talk to your veterinarian about getting the correct implant inserted, or check if it is already implanted. As part of the application process, microchip should be scanned and its suitability should be confirmed in writing.
  3. Getting Rabies Vaccination
    If your pet is at least 90 days old, it can be vaccinated. Do this at the same time as the microchip. It has to be an inactivated or recombinant vaccine, so double checking with a veterinarian should be performed. He will have to confirm in writing that he has administered the vaccine.
  4. Finding a local:
    • Official Government Veterinarian
    • Government Approved Veterinarian
    • Government Approved Laboratory
  5. Blood Sampling - Rabies Neutralising Antibody Titre Test (RNATT)
    30 days after vaccination, you can take your pet to your vet for a rabies test, known as a rabies-neutralizing antibody test. This is key evidence the Australian authorities will want to obtain.
  6. Declaration - RNATT
    After obtaining the results, ask your vet to complete, sign and stamp the so-called test declaration. It must contain the name of the research laboratory and not the office that submitted it.
  7. DAFF Import Permit
    Be prepared for the first big payment, it will be approx AU $ 480. The good news is that if you are moving with several pets each additional request costs less, at AU $ 240 per pet. Another good news - you can apply online.
  8. Initial Quarantine Accommodation reservation
    Cats and dogs will have to spend at least 10 days in quarantine upon arrival in Australia. It is worth noting that there is only one quarantine facility in all of Australia and it is often fully booked.
    In the absence of places, your pet will not be allowed into the country. Verification of applications takes approximately 7 days.
  9. Booking an airline ticket for your pet
  10. Confirm quarantine hotel reservation
  11. Other vaccination
  12. Getting blood samples for the testing
  13. Parasite Treatment
    Animals must be treated against parasitic worms such as tapeworm. Once again, deadlines are crucial. Your pet will need two treatments. They will have to be at least 14 days away, but not more than 45 days, before the move. But the second treatment must be within 5 days of moving. Your pet also needs to be cured of external parasites such as ticks and fleas. Again, the veterinarian must do this at least 21 days prior to the move.
  14. Pre-Export Inspection and Veterinary Certificate A
    The permit to import your pet should include a health certificate. The veterinarian must complete, sign and stamp this. He must also have all supporting documents stamped, including blood test results. Regardless of what documents you have related to this process, ask him to stamp them.
  15. Microchip scan, Veterinary Certificate B, sealing the kennel
  16. At the airport before the departure
  17. Pet collection in Australia

Hire companies offering shipping pets to Australia

As you can see bringing a pet to Australia is quite a complicated process. However with an experienced pet moving company this can be a straight forward move. We have the knowledge and many partners around the UK and OZ. We are friendly with many vets that can help you with getting your pet ready to be sent to Australia. The more planning and preparation you will make the less you will have to pay to take your pet with you to OZ.

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By hiring professionals you can be sure that the highest standards of care for pets travelling to OZ will be maintained.  It could be achieved by cooperation with experienced team of pet travel consultants, local vets and pet behaviorists.

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