The living costs in OZ can be compared to those in the UK however there are some significant differences too!

Living costs

After reading the article below you will have a good understanding of the living costs in Australia.

  • food costs
  • house prices
  • social life
  • car keeping and maintenance costs - and many more.

Standard of life

According to current statistics Australia presents itself as a country where the standard of living is very high. It is a well-developed country with a multi-cultural societies. The country has a well-organized healthcare representing the highest standard of medical services in the world.


What's the cost of living in Australia?

Shipping furniture to Austrlaia from UK

Living costs in Australia

Are you planning to move to Australia from the United Kingdom? You should definitely read our price-guide through Australian prices of groceries and necessities to learn about the actual food prices and real estate costs in different parts of Australia. The price level of food and basic goods, as well as general level of life in this destination is different to the one in Great Britain. It is important you will get familiar with the discrepancies so you know what to expect and can get prepared for some changes.

Is the food in Australia cheaper or more expensive than in the UK?

Food prices in AustraliaNowadays, a lot of Britons plan to leave the UK for good and try to work out if it is worth to relocate. Whether it's Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth , it is always good to estimate your future expenditure (and maybe negotiate a higher salary with your future Australia employer).

Australia is one of the 10 best countries to live in. It is known for its friendly citizens. Because of Australian economic boom, the live standard is increasing with high speed. What is more there are also a lot of natural resources in Australia, which are exceptional on the world scale. On the other hand the crime rate has been decreasing for last few years and Australia is now also very save country. It is definitely place with bright future, and many would like to be a part of it.

Food prices in Australia

Many of you already know that Australia is in the top five countries in terms of life standard, but one can not guess that it also means higher living prices and higher costs for many goods and services.

Going to live in Australia, one has to be aware and how important it will be to find a job as quickly as possible without going in debt and despair, because the cost of living in Australia is really high. So, to begin with (an aperitif) we offer you a list of some key food products, needed by your family for a normal living.

Of course, you can find these products in Australia at a lower price, but you have to walk on the markets and visit small shops, so we present to you the opportunity to immediately visit one of Australia's most well-known supermarket. So what the cost of food and chemical products?

According to Woolworths supermarket – July 2013

Cost of food in Australia - 05.07.2013
Bakery costs

White bread


Wholemeal bread






Diary costs




From $2/250G

Full-fat milk

$1.00/L ($3/3L, $2/2L, etc.)

Skimmed milk





From $10/KG

Sour cream


Cottage cheese


Meat/seafood costs

Chicken breast fillet


Chicken thigh


Mince beef


Mince pork



Av. $14.00/KG



Fresh salmon




Fruit costs

Price for 1KG













Vegetables costs

Price for 1KG

















Beverages costs

Mineral water

From $0.63/L

Fruit juice



From $1.50/L




Grants scotch whisky $52.00/L

other costs

Instant coffee

From $3.00/100G






From $1.00/500G



Vegetable oil




Chemical products costs

Shower gel





From $3/500ML

Dishwasher tablets

From $5.36/30pk


From $3.15

Toilet paper


Immigration to Australia will definitely make you happy over the lower gas and diesel costs.

Gas prices in Australia
Unleaded $1.50/L - £0.9
Premium unleaded 1.60/L - £0.96
Diesel $1.44/L - £0.86

Cost of petrol in Australia
Product North of River South of River East/Hills Metro Average
ULP 138.9 AUD 138.7 AUD 142.4 AUD 151.1 AUD
PULP 147.9 AUD 149.5 AUD 151.4 AUD 161.3 AUD
Diesel 143.9 AUD 144.5 AUD 142.5 AUD 150.2 AUD
LPG 65.8 AUD 64.9 AUD 64.8 AUD 70.5 AUD
98 RON 154.8 AUD 156.4 AUD 157.3 AUD 167.2 AUD
B20 144.9 AUD 144.8 AUD 144.6 AUD 145.6 AUD
E10 149.1 AUD 148.3 AUD 148.6 AUD 149.4 AUD
P100 167.1 AUD 167.1 AUD 168.1 AUD

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Life costs

Basically, the cost of living in Australia is comparable to the prices in the UK but instead in £, you have to count in AUD – Australian dollars. The average weekly cost of renting an apartment is between $ 250 - $ 450 depending on the location. You can certainly find much cheaper deals by living and sharing the house with someone else  and just having your own room.

The medical insurance depends on the type of visa and it costs about $ 300 per month for a family.

Internet costs are about $ 60 per month. There is a wide range of wireless internet connections (including prepaid options) which is a bit more expansive, about $ 50 - £100 depending on the size of downloaded data.

The  mobile phone calls are not cheap, both pay as you go and one year contracts. This can be explained by the fact that, apart from their western good-developed part of the country, Australia is enormous and operators had to spend considerable amount of money to cover the entire land.