Would you like to study in Australia? Find a lot of information on getting an Australian student visa for free!

Student visa to study in Australia

Britons who want to study in Australia longer than three months must apply for a student visa. The United Kingdom was placed among the countries of the first assessment level, whose citizens have a simplified process of applying for a student visa.  The students can obtain their desired document not only at the embassy but also through the internet. If you are not British and would you like to find out what assessment level is your country you need to check it in the booklet 1219i - Overseas Student Program - Assessment levels.

All our customers receive our free help with their application for an Australian student visa. As we are more a shipping company than a immigration agent we can get our friendly migration and education agents based in OZ to help you choose the right school and obtain the student visa for free. Student visa to study in AustraliaWhy our friends would help you at no costs. Australia runs a lot of country advertising programs and pay different agencies to promote their country and get skilled, educated people to live on the Red Continent. Do not worry if you do not speak English perfectly. Our friends speak many different languages and are up-to-date with the latest foreign student visa requirements and procedures.

You must know there are many agencies in the UK helping British students to study in Australia and charging horrendous money for their help. Even if you decide to use their services first you should check if they are MARA registered. In accordance with the Australian Law only MARA members can legally help with the application for a student visa and give advice about Australian visas. The trough is that some agencies that are not MARA registered will be just mediators between you and a MARA member and you will not even know anything about it.

However you are the student and you probably do not wish to pay any money for being able to study in OZ? Anyway you will need a lot of money to be allowed to study in Australia so why to pay for the advice and help with getting a student visa? You will find the exact costs below in this article.

Basic information about the student visa

People who enrol at Australian schools, colleges or universities cooperating with our Australian education partners will benefit from our service and full assistance with the application for an Australian student visa at no cost. This free assistance is offered on condition that the student chooses one of the schools we work with.

Official information on the application for a student visa can be found in a special English-language information brochure: 1160i - Applying for a student visa, prepared by the Australian DIAC - Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Student visas are issued for a period longer than three months and their length is determined by the duration of the course.

You can apply for a student visa no earlier than four months before your study begins. To receive a student permit you will have to wait from one up to 2 months. Once you have received it your are ok to travel to Australia.

After completing the course the visa stays valid for one, two, or even three or four months, depending on the length of the course and the date of its completion. This allows students to stay a little longer in Australia, for example, to go on a tour of Australia or to go to work.

The length of the course

The length of student visa validity after the graduation

Up to 10 months

The student visa is valid for one month longer the after graduation.

More than 10 months

The student visa is valid for two months longer after the graduation.

More than 10 months and the school ends in November - December

The student visa stays valid for two months longer or until the 15th of March the following calendar year which means it stays valid for three or four months longer after the completion of the course.

Unfortunately if you decide to apply for a student visa there are some costs involved. How much is the student visa, how much does it cost? From 01/07/2012 the student visa base application charge is $535 AUD (Australian dollars). Depending on the number of applicants and your current residency the initial and additional prices can apply. For example, the fee for a student visa application for applicants which are a couple from outside Australia is is $ 940 which is $105 cheaper than for a single application.  However if you course belongs to a scholarship or training sponsored by the Australian government your student visa application fee may be nil. If you go to study abroad from the UK with a friend you may apply together. The additional applicant charge is $405. We can help you in calculating all the costs associated with getting a student visa by a British student.

Student visa types

Student visas to study in Australia issued to apprentices and pupils from the UK are grouped in several categories, divided in accordance to the type of school and courses.

  • 570 Independent ELICOS - for foreign students taking English language courses ELICOS
  • 571 Schools  - for younger pupils going to a primary or secondary school or students taking part in the international student exchange
  • 572 Vocation Education and Training (VET) - for students undertaking technical and vocational courses at TAFE schools and Colleges which are I, II , III or IV Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level
  • 573 Higher Education – courses for students who want to continue and develop their education gained in the UK. This types of student visas are for schools at the level of Bachelor Degree , Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master Degree
  • 574 Masters and Doctorate students taking science and research at universities in the field of Masters and PhD ( Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree)
  • 575 Non-award Foundation Studies / Other - for students taking various courses which completion does not involve the award of a certificate or diploma. These for example may include preparatory courses to study at the University.
  • 575 AusAID or Defence Sponsored courses - for students sponsored by the Australian Government or the Australian Department of Defence

If you are not sure the type of student visa you should apply for we can advise.

Student visa application

So far so good, by now you should know what type of student visa you want to apply for. You also know where to apply and how long it takes to be granted a student permit. Now is time to find out what requirements you have to meet to be able to get the student passport and be eligible to study in Australia. There are quite a few requirements and conditions to be met when applying for an Australian student visa :

Student visa application

  • Have a valid passport ( your passport can not expire before you finish your course. If you want to study for 10 months your passport should be valid for at least 14 months ahead)
  • You need to be admitted to a school and possess a Confirmation of Enrolment ( CoE ) issued by the school you have chosen. We can help you find and choose right University and courses.
  • Fill in the student visa online application. If you have any problems we will give you a full assistance with filling out the online student visa application form. You application can be forwarded online directly to the immigration office.
  • For your application to be processes you will have to arrange the payment of $ 535. The payment should be made be a credit card.
  • You have to get the Overseas Student Health Cover for the duration of your study in Australia. You will have to contact your school for some help and advice.
  • Depending on the information regarding your health that you have provided on the student passport application form you may be asked by the immigration authorities to pass some additional medical examination.  The tests usually includes the chest x-ray and other general health checks carried out by Australian Authority approved doctor. In fact there are only six Medical and Radiology clinics authorised to examine students going to study in OZ. The clinics are situated in:
    •  Greater London – Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3LE
    • Midlands and East Anglia – Birmingham, B20 2ES
    • North England – Manchester, M15 5AT
    • Scotland – Edinburgh, EH22 1FE
    • South England – Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8DG
    • Wales - Cardiff, CF23 8XL
  • Despite you will be able to work 40 hours within fortnight and unlimited amount of hours during each study brake you will have to show on your account the following amount of money:
  • You may have to get a panel clearance certificate stating you have had no criminal records
  • You need to meet the condition of Genuine temporary entrant - described below.

To facilitate this procedure for all UK students that have chosen one of schools we work with our Australian based student visa help migration agent will submit an application on behalf of our clients.

Genuine temporary entrant – new student visa conditions

In November 2011 some new requirements were introduced concerning the application for a student visa. The main change is that applicants must satisfy the new conditions called - Genuine temporary entrant requirement. What does it actually mean and what is this all about? As the student visa is temporary and it meant to be for students wanting to get further education you will have to prove that the main purpose of your move to Australia is simply studying, getting to known the country, traveling and nothing else. In some cases the authorities granting student visas just to make sure this is the case in your situation may ask you to prove it. This may require you to provide some additional information and documentation which may include but are not limited to:

  • Confirmation from your bank that you have access to sufficient funds to cover the return journey to OZ, study costs and living expenses for the duration of your course.  
  • Current CV to check your education history and professional work experience and check how it will be related to the education in Australia
  • University diplomas or reference letters from previous or current employer confirming the nature of your employment
  • Confirmation of your work contract and the level of your monthly incomes
  • Motivation letter explaining why you want to study in Australia , why you have chosen a specific course and how the study in Australia will help you in a future career.

Basic information about Genuine Temporary Entrant can be found in the booklet The Genuine Temporary Entrant ( GTE ) Requirement on the official Australian Immigration Office website.

Along with the new regulations it is very important what course will be chosen be the student. For all students planning to widen their skills in Australia we offer free consultations regarding the selection of courses and assistance in writing letters to various educational institutions. Some colleges and Universities offer free online consultations. Please contact us for more details.

Where and how to apply for a student visa online?

Currently Britons can apply for a student visa from home using the Internet and filling out the visa application from online.  How to apply and where to find it? It is a very simple and straight forward process. Simply go to https://www.immi.gov.au/Services/Pages/student-visa-online-applications.aspx and start your application online. Of course first you will have to create account that you will be able to use to sort out any issues and use other services offered by IMMI.

The online student visa form does not need to be filled out and forwarded right away.  You can always save your data and continue with your application at another time.

Once you have filled in the form to submit the completed application you will have to pay the student visa application fee which is $535 Australian dollars.  Prepare a credit or a debit card and make sure you have sufficient found on your card. In case of any problems with the payment your student visa application will not be processed. Once you have been successful with the payment a TRN number will be generated which stands for Transaction Reference Number. Make sure you make a note of the TRN number or better note it down and keep in a safe place so you will not lose it. The number will be needed to continue further student visa application steps. You will have to use it everywhere you call or go to arrange and get documents you will have to attach to the application. You will also need the TRN number to check your apps status.

If you are applying online for the student visa any additional documents which will be required by Australian officials should be sent by mail to the Australian Embassy in London. The exact Australian Embassy for UK and British students that are planning to study in Australia is - Migration Branch, Australian High Commission, Strand, London, WC2B 4LA. Some of the documents you also will be able to scan and email.

Student visa at the Australian Embassy in London

Now you know where and how to apply online but this is not the only way of applying. You may be one of those students that prefer direct, face to face contact. There is nothing better than speaking face to face with a person who deals with student visas all the time and knows all latest conditions, requirements, trends and procedures. You never know which courses are cheaper and what’s the best time and city to study – Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin or maybe Hobart? And what about all those new Australian Government programs that may make your study in OZ much cheaper? It is always good to find out all latest news.

Student who prefers applying for the visa at the embassy can print out and complete the paper version of student visa application form (157A - Application for a student visa). The printed out and completed Application for Student Visa with the required attachments may be submitted at the Embassy of Australia in London in person or sent by post.
Below is a list of attachments needed to make your application complete and valid:

  • Your recent passport picture
  • A valid UK passport with at least one blank visa page to paste
  • Confirmation of admission to the a course - Confirmation of Enrolment ( CoE ) ;
  • Declaration confirming the possession of required funds to cover all necessary costs during the entire stay in Australia
  • Declaration of fulfilment of the Genuine Temporary Entrant conditions
  • Confirmation of the student visa applications fee

Students submitting applications at the embassy should be aware that waiting for a decision can be sometimes much longer, because the Australian embassy in London recommends submitting the visa application online.

You probably wonder how long you have to wait for the decision. How long you have to wait for the student visa? How long, what’s the waiting time for the student visa to study in Australia?

The waiting time if you have applied online is between 1-2 months. However sometimes it can be less and you have your document allowing you to go and study in Australia within just two weeks.

If you have applied at the embassy you certainly will wait a bit longer. However it should not be any longer than 2 months.

Student visa - Terms and Conditions

Each type of Australian student visa has different terms and conditions. It is student’s responsibility to acquaint him / her properly with all conditions and follow the rules precisely. Any breach of terms and conditions may result in the visa cancelation.   

Please note that the conditions and terms may be different, depending on what course students choose, its duration, and many other factors. Most visas allowing for studying in Australia have several basic conditions which are marked with four numbers. The most important of them are as follows:

  • 8202 Meet Course Requirements – this condition applies to almost every student from the UK and outside Australia. It refers to the presence and progress in study.
  • In language schools the attendance cannot fall below 80 %.
  • In the case of colleges and universities the minimum attendance is set individually. Often the minimum attendance at school of 70 % -80 % is required.
  • In addition, all students will be required to progress in science.
  • Overall the student should pass all courses and exams.
  • In some colleges students who make a good progress in learning can count on more flexible study time.

Students passing all exams should have no problems with meeting the 8202 Course requirements.

Working on student visa

Can I work on a student visa? How many hours can I work legally on the Australia student visa? Working is one of the most important things for most students. It is mainly due to the very high tuitions charges and living costs. It is also a good way to meet locals and not just international students.

Australian student visa works automatically as a work permit but it has its limitation concerning the amount of hour you can spend on working. All students registered in Australia have the right to work.

8104 Work limitation – as you know you can take your dependent family members with you to OZ. You student visa entitles them to work. Unfortunately there are a few limitations. Your dependent family members have right to work only 40 hour within 2 weeks and they are not allowed to start work before your study has commenced. However if you are studying at the University and your course will be finishes with Master Degree or PhD Diploma your dependent family members can work as many hours per week as they wish. There is no working hour’s limitation for them.

8105 Work limitation for students – the student visa entitles you to work legally in Australia. However you can’t exceed more than 40 hours in fortnight. You can’t start any work until you have started your study. During holidays, summer, spring and other brakes in your course students can work with no hours limit.

It is possible to find courses and arrange them so that the student gets the maximum length of brakes possible and we can help you with is. However you have to remember that one of the Australian visa terms and conditions says the main goal of coming to OZ should be the study and not the work. Using the student visa just for work may result in the visa cancelation. So learn first and then go to work.

Student health – medical examination

Another condition that can’t be skipped is the health check. To be granted a student visa you have to pass a genuine medical examination. As you can see the student health matters. A few quick test will include the chest x-ray and other general health check. As you already know you can’t just simply go to any doctor in your area. Your health test results will be only valid if carried out by one of the Australian approved doctors. Yes, the doctors are based in the UK and you need to pay them a visit before applying for the student visa. Unfortunately the health check is chargeable. It used to cost about £70.

It is also possible to make your to book the medical examinations after the submission of the student visa application. It will save you some money in case you were unsuccessful. Once you have been granted the studying visa you should make an appointment with a doctor and a radiologist and sometimes also an ophthalmologist.

When going to the doctor you should take with you the completed forms 26 and 160, and 2 passport photos. During the appointment the doctors will tell you what else you should do.

Family members, spouse or partner traveling and working on student visa

Dependent visa, also called Family members, spouse or partner visa is issued to persons accompanying the student during his learning / study in Australia. A dependent person traveling and working in Australia on the student’s visa may be: spouse, partner, childe, parent and other family member. To obtain a student dependent visa, in the case of couples, one of the spouses or partners has to obtain the Student visa to study in Australia.

Working on student visa in Australia

All your family members should be added to the visa application form when applying for the first time. In such case there will be just one fee for making the application. The partner, suppose or a family member obtains the right to enter, stay and work in OZ on the same conditions as the student but without the must of studying. All students’ companions are not allowed to take any job until the student has started going to school in Australia. Unfortunately event the study brakes the student dependent person is not allowed to excide more than 40 hours work in fortnight. In case the Master’s Degree and PhD students their family or partners can work without any limitation.

Taking a suppose or a partner to Australia to study is a good idea. It facilitates all financial calculations and budget planning. Such a solution can significantly reduce the cost of the trip, especially when only one person is going to study.

If you want to study in Australia and take within you your husband, wife or a partner you will have to prove the level of your relation. If you are a married couple this is easy-peasy. You just need to provide your marriage certificate. It is a little more complicated to prove the level of your relation if you are not married. In this case you will have to prove that you have been together for at least one year. To prove it you will need to provide for example some documents stating you have been renting a house together, you have had a joint bank account, mortgage or other credit at the bank. The documents will have to be in English or translated into English by a certified translator.

Many student couples that have been together more than a year are not always able to prove the fact they have been a couple. In this case, they can come to Australia on two separate visas and after about half a year can apply for a shared student visa. Please contact shipping to Australia from UK for more details.

Students who enrol at schools in Australia through the agency of us can count on our help in preparing all the necessary documents required for a visa to Australia.

Studying without a student visa

Anyone who wants to study in Australia for less than three months can go to OZ on a tourist visa which is issued to Britons for free. Such a visa has a bit more limitations:

  • The study or courses can’t last longer than three months
  • if the course lasts more than three months, you must change the tourist visa to the student visa (visa condition 8203)
  • if the course lasts longer than 4 weeks, the student must perform the medical examination, the same as in the case of applying for a long term student visa
  • students undertaking study on a tourist visa are not allowed to work
  • persons going to Australia as tourists and taking science courses of less than three months are not obligated to take out the OSHC insurance
  • See also business Visa