Immigration Agents

Migration consultant’s (also called migration or relocation agents) role is direct contact with applicants and potential applicants, answering individual questions, helping with immigration chances estimation and to complete all documents required. Most services offered by consultants are payable.

There are about 100 subclasses of Australian visas. Immigration consultant, take into consideration specific and individual applicants' situation, help him or her to choose the most favourable option and properly conduct the application process so that the waiting time is as short as possible.

How to become an Australian relocation agent?

To legally become a migration agent, the person needs to be registered in Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), website - MARA takes care that all agents represent high, professional and moral standards.

become a migration agentAnother important step in becoming an Australian migration agent and get the license, you need to attend a course and pass an exam or be a lawyer. This license is valid just for one year. Extending depends on several professional conditions that have to be met, in example practice and experience, current knowledge on the matter of migration law.

Migration agent does not represent Australian government, and has no influence on migration officers’ decisions.

However the agent knows the procedures, people, and the environment.  Good moving consultant also knows some tricks and can give lots of shipping advice and hints like every lawyer or accountant.

No agent can give promises considering how long all procedures will take or what would be the decision but according to his knowledge and experience can easily estimate ones chances.

Who sets immigration rules?

Immigration to Australia from UK is ruled by very complicated and extensive regulations and rules which have been constantly changing, if not fundamentally, then in detail.

There are many professional but non-Government organizations involved in the verification of qualifications for granting a visa for Australia. These organizations also have their goals, purposes, obligations and off course requirements which are very divers.

There is also Asylum and Immigration Tribunal considering different cases of migration. The Tribunal sets new precedents and closes some.

Moving agentsIn other words it is a very broad and specific filed of knowledge.

Most often people who have decided to become a migration agent, are former lawyers, had worked at Australian Immigration Office, consulates or at other governmental institutions.

Using good and cheap UK immigration agent’s services is not obligatory. What is more, it does not guarantee anything.

It can only raise one’s chances. It makes no difference where the moving consultant is based.  Agents from their offices in Australia can serve clients from all over the world, including the United Kingdom.

All emigration consultants are in force of the Code of Conduct.

Contracts between the clients and the agents strictly define the type and the range of services, shipping prices, and other issues required by MARA’s regulations.

What the relocation agent will do?

  • Assess whether the candidate has any chances of getting a visa
  • If the relocation agent to Australia does not see the opportunity to settle the case successfully, it shall inform the client and usually closes the case. The customer will not bear any shipping costs and will not have any vain hopes. Ethics and The Code of Professional Conduct require the migration agent to assess the chances of getting the visa and inform the customer as soon as possible.
  • If the agent positively assesses the chances, at this stage, hi should offer a contract and determine how much he will take to bring the case to an end. The customer decides what to do next.
  • In the case of skilled workers, the skills assessment of the client is carried out by professional Australian organizations. The immigration agent helps Relocation consultantsin preparing the documentation.
  • Fill out the application for moving to Australia, send it and ensure the results are satisfactory for the client.

What are the reasons for using a consultant/registered migration agent services?

  • Getting individual help and advice in requirements, criteria, order of steps in application process, as well as in preparing all migration documents
  • Making sure that you won’t miss any chance of getting the visa
  • Saving disappointments, and money, and thanks to that making your chances of getting Australian visa bigger/higher
  • Making your life easier - good and reliable and cheap relocation agents.