Things to Do in Summer in Australia

Australia is a very large country. Considering its size, it has a lot of places interest, beaches and parks for holidaymakers. You need to spend a lifetime in Australia before you will be able to explore a good number of its beaches and other places of interest. Even natives are not able to explore all attractions in the country. There is always sometime to suit any holidaymaker in the country no matter what your preference is. Climate of Australia is ideal for planning long holidays in this country. If you are spending your vacation in Australia, there are a lot of things to do. Here are some of things to do in Australia. Wherther you are planning removals to Sydney, Melbourne or other locations, you will definitelly find some good attractions ideal for summer time.

Vacation in Australia

Horse riding in Snowy Wilderness

Horse riding around Snowy Mountains is one of the things you can do in Australia. There is a privately owned sanctuary for brumbies (wild horses) at the Snowy Mountains’ foothills. You can observe these wild horses as they move about. But you are not allowed to ride on them. Another way of exploring Snowy Mountains is using a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The choice is yours to make.

Dancing with horses in Perth

Perth is one of the well known cities in Australia. If you are spending your holiday in the city and you are a horse racecourse fan, you should consider participating in Ascot Racecourse of Perth. The competition normally attracts a huge number of people. Ticket is usually on sale online. Look for an online source selling the ticket and buy your ticket.

Swimming with the dolphins at Rockingham Bay

Do you like swimming or engaging in any other water activities like snorkelling? If the answer to the above question is yes, then you should consider joining a cruise from Rockingham. It is a guided tour and thus you don’t need to have any previous experience on snorkelling before you can join in the cruise. The bay has a number of dolphins swimming around. Come along with your wetsuit to swim with these mammals. You may require to pay some money before you can join in the cruise.

Be entertained by the stars at Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is a vine district which is two hours drive away from Sydney. The district has become well known in the recent time as a concert destination. If you like watching concert from popular stars and bands, then you should consider driving down to Hunter Valley. Hope and Bimbadgen are some of the oldest vineyards in the district.

Sky Dive at Gold Coast

Australia summer attractionsYou might have been to various parks, beaches and other places of interest and you want to try something new. Yes, there is something new that you can do in Australia. Have you jump down from a flying airplane before? It can be an interesting experience but it can also be frightening jumping from a height of 4,000 meters. But don’t have any fear because you will be joined by an expert. Besides, you will be landing on Gold Coast which is a white coastline.

Barefooted bowling at Paddington

Whether you are a pensioner or a young person, bowling is a good pastime for you. If you are in Paddington and you are looking for a great pastime during the summer season, you should consider taking part in barefoot bowling. You can watch people bowling with a bottle of bear in your hand. But make sure that you don’t become intoxicated with drinks.

Watch yacht race in Sydney Harbour

The Boxing Day is always a great day in Sydney Harbour. Many sailors across Australia gather at the Sydney Harbour to participate in a yacht race from there to Hobart. The race is shortly called Sydney to Hobart. If you are in Sydney during the Boxing Day, then you should consider watching this race. It is an interesting race. The race began in the 17th century an since then, it has continued till now. Most sailors dress in the 17th century sailing gear. You can watch the race by joining a ticketed cruise or from the harbour.

Other things to do include:

  • spending a night or more at wartime bunker in miles
  • visiting the zoos like the Taronga zoo
  • spending some moments at the beaches
  • shopping in various shopping malls at big cities
  • joining in the ghost tour via the rocks and many more

Given the variety of places to visit and things to do in Australia, regardless of the destination you are visiting, be it Bunbury or relocation to Canberra, it will be virtually impossible to capture all of them just in a write up like this. There are a lot of things to do in each place in Australia.
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