Removals to Mildura

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International shipping services to Mildura

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Sending goods to Mildura by air and sea

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Information about Mildura

Mildura was named after a sheep station that spanned a greater percent of the area now referred to as Mildura city. It is located in the north-western Victoria, particularly on the banks of the Murray River in the Sunraysia region. The winters in this city are cool but not cold as it is the case in some parts of the UK. There are plenty of sunshine in during the summer period which makes it to be most suitable period for outdoor activities. It has a semi-arid climatic condition. The city is located some hundreds of kilometres from the coast and yet it is about 50 metres above the sea level. There is rainfall in the city throughout the year with the months of winter and spring having the rainiest days. It normally has 280 mm of rainfall per year. The summer period is very hot with an average maximum summer temperature of 32 degree Celsius while the average maximum temperature during the winter period is 15 degree Celsius. Though the winter is mildly cool but there is heavy frost which can destroy crop irrigation.

It is the seat of Rural City of Mildura local government area and as such it is the centre of activities in the region. It is the hub of boat cruises, paddlesteamers and water sports in the region thanks to its location on the Murray River. A number of tourist activities as well as cultural festivals and events such as the Mildura International Balloon Fiesta are organised from time to time. Its booming tourist industry explains why the residents of the country enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. Place is regarded as the Food Bowl of Victoria thanks to the agricultural activities going on in the city. It is the major producer of citrus fruits especially oranges in the state. Grape production is another agricultural activity that has made the city quite popular. 80% of the grapes production of Victoria State is contributed by the city.

Though there isn't plenty of employment opportunities in the city but there are different industries with some employing more of the labour force of the country than the other. The retail industry is the highest employer of labour with up to 14.7% of the entire population of workers working in the industry. The second and third highest employer of labour in the city are the healthcare and social assistance and education with the former employing 13.4% of the total population of the workforce while the latter employs 9.0% of the total population of the workforce. Accommodation and food services has 8.6% of the workforce while the manufacturing industry employs 7.3%. 6.3% and 6.0% of the entire population of the workforce are working in the construction and public administration and safety industry respectively. Agriculture, forestry and fishing employs 5.2% while transport, postal and warehousing employs 4.4% of the entire population of the country.

The median individual and household weekly incomes of workers are $462 and $854 respectively.

Reasons to move to Mildura

Cargo containers UK to MilduraAustralia is a well-known tourist’s destination across the globe and many people are also immigrating to the country because of better future prospects it offers them. There are many cities that one can live in during one's stay in the country. Some have consistently appeared in the list of most liveable and most beautiful cities across the globe. The question that should be answered here is why should an expat or a tourist prefer Mildura to those big cities. Here are some of the reasons that will make you to prefer this city rather than the other cities.

Low living cost
Normally, holidaymakers and expats consider the cost of choosing the city to make their base during their stay in another country. The living cost is significantly cheaper than most other big cities. For example, it is 3% cheaper to purchase food than to purchase the same quantity of food in Melbourne. As already mentioned above, the housing cost in the city is also quite low. It is cheaper by 37% than in Melbourne. So, if you really want to cut cost on your monthly expenses, you should consider making this place your base during your sojourn or permanent stay in Australia. With the low cost of living, you will be able to make some savings from your monthly salary given that the average monthly salary of workers in the city is quite encouraging even though it is not as big as the average salary of workers in the big cities.

Great location for wine connoisseur
It is Victoria mainstay of grapes and citrus production. Given this, there are many wineries here. If you are a connoisseur of wine, you will get the opportunity of sampling rich Australian wine freshly produced from the wineries or tasting centers. But even if you don't want to drink, you can still visit the wineries and see how wines are being made. It also has a brewery known as Mildura Brewery which is located in the former site for Astor Theatre. You can also visit the brewery to see how beer is being made.

Family friendly
It is one of the locations in Victoria that is suitable for a family holiday or for permanent stay with one's family. There are schools where one will be able to register little children for any level of education. In case you want to further your education, check with the La Trope University campus to see if the course you want to do is being offered by the university. The main campus of Sunraysia Institute of TAFE is located in particularly at Benetook Avenue. Besides schools, there is also many family friendly attractions. So, if you are in the city for a holiday with your children, there are plenty of things that the entire family can do together.

Plenty of attraction
Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you prefer indoor attractions, there are plenty of things that you can do during your stay. It has a gallery, parks, Media houses and others where you can visit with your family. You can watch car and motorcycle racing, do some shopping, take a walk through botanic gardens, play golf, take a hot air balloon ride and a whole lot of other activities.

Excellent transport connection with other parts of Victoria 
If you are a travel enthusiast, definitely, staying in this location will appeal to you. First, it is located on the intersection of the Sturt Highway that runs to Sydney from Adelaide and the Calder Highway that runs via Bendigo to Melbourne. These cities are very popular not just in Australia but across the world. They are worth exploring. Thus, you can take a road trip to any of these cities or all with Mildura providing you a perfect base. Besides, the various parts of Victoria and southern New South Wales are connected to Mildura via a number of parts and Dysons Bus Services provide V/Line bus services for traveling from Mildura to different locations in these parts of Australia. There are other transport lines that provide transportation services that connect Mildura to other parts of the country.

How to arrange furniture removals to Mildura from the UK

Finding a mover that provides cheap shipping service to Mildura can really be more difficult than finding a shipping company that provide shipping services to the capital cities in Australia. However, if you have any item to ship to the country, you don't have to waste your time searching for a reliable shipper online or offline. We feel glad to tell you that we have all it takes to handle your shipment for you. Whether you are shipping your entire household goods or just few items in your home, our team of professional shippers will meet your requirements and ensure that your items get to the final destination in good condition and on time.

We are old time player as far as removal and shipping is concerned in the UK. Having been in existence for many years, we have acquired the required experience to handle any shipping jobs. But we do not rely solely in our experience. We have established a team of reliable and professional shippers to provide shipping services in compliance with the industry standard. To ensure that our workers are abreast with the latest acceptable practices in the industry, we continually provide them with training on regular basis. So, you are in safe hand if you hire our cheap international removals to Mildura. But we don't stop at this. We have built awesome business rapport with many of the largest and most reliable carriers in the industry to handle the shipment of our clients goods or consignment. In this way, we ensure that our clients get nothing but the best services which they serve. Indeed, if you use our services, you will get value for your money. Check now our cheap UK to Hervey Bay shipping solutions.

We don't only aim at providing efficient services. We also aim at helping our clients to have a stress-free and smooth shipping experience but still at budget-friendly rates. We have taken a lot of measures in order to achieve that. First, we have established a nationwide presence establishing our offices and depots virtually in all locations in the UK. Just give us a call and we will tell you the nearest location to your base. Secondly, we provide a one stop service. We know that shipping involves a lot of other related services such as packing, storage, cleaning, refuse removal and many more. We have created teams of professionals to handle different tasks for us. Check our moving costs Australia.

Shipping to MilduraSo, if you come to us, you don't have to search further for any other service provider to handle any aspect of the job for you. You can take advantage of our one stop service which means that we will provide all the services that you want for you at a discounted rate. Thirdly, we offer door-to-door shipping as well as door-to-port shipping. If you want to just watch and wait for your items to be brought to you at the address you want in Mildura or any other city in Australia, just let us know and we will deliver for you. In line with our effort to make shipping easier for our client, we also provide packing and unpacking services as well as loading and unloading services.

We don't want to stress our clients financially. We are not satisfied with the normal gain we make and not too greedy for gains. So, we don't overcharge our clients. This is why we offer the most competitive rate that you cannot get elsewhere. Get our quotes and compare with those of competitors and you will see for yourself that our quotes are very competitive. We are always ready to review our quotes in case you feel that we are overcharging you. We can help you analyse and compare quotes.

We are quite aware that most clients don't have experience with removal. Some are also doing it for the first time and thus they require sound advice and guideline. We do assign a move manager to each of our clients. They will be at your beck and call throughout the process guiding and providing you with the best advice. So, feel free to ask your move manager any question want. We will also help you to arrange your paperwork so that you will not have any problem during the clearing of your items. With a perfectly done paperwork, clearing will be easier and will not constitute any headache to you.

Hire our UK to Mildura international moving services to day and have a stress-free shipping experience to Australia.

Things to do in Mildura

It has plenty of wineries and many people associate the city with them. But the truth is that it offers more than the wineries as we have seen above. There are plenty of things that one can do here both indoor and outdoor activities. The Murray River provides opportunities for different kinds of water sports and outdoor activities such as cruising on a paddle steamboat, canoeing, kayaking, participating or watching water-ski races and others. The simple truth is that there is always something for any person regardless of the person's interest. Here are things to do and see in the country.

Dinning out
If you are a foodie, you should make sure that you head for the Fea Street which is the mainstay of entertainment and dinning. There are plenty of wine tasting centers, wineries and local restaurants especially in Fea Street where you will be able to taste the rich culinary speciality of the region and gulp it down with freshly produced wine. If you prefer beer to wine, you have to head for the Mildura Brewery located in the former Astor Theatre. But even if you are not a foodie or wine connoisseur, there is nothing wrong in visiting these wineries and brewery at least to know how the drinks are being produced.

Visit the Mildura Regional Art Gallery
If you are interested in art and culture, the Mildura Regional Art Gallery is the right location to visit. A visit to this location is a veritable opportunity for you to learn about the cultural heritage of the region as the works of local artists are being displayed there. There are also permanent collection of the works of Australian artists and Sir William Orpen an Anglo-Irish artist.

From this gallery, you will be able to visit W. B. Chaffey stately home which is known as Rio Vista. It was constructed between 1889 and 1891. Before 1950 when the property was sold to the Mildura City Council, it was occupied by Chaffey family.

Watching car race tournaments
Car and motorcycle race tournaments normally take place in Mildura Speedway. If you have penchant for car and motorcycle race, you should consider watching any of the tournaments taking place locally.

Shopping in the town centre
If you are looking for a shopping opportunity, you will definitely be pleased with your stay in the city because there are plenty of fine boutiques in the town centre where you will be able to shop for souvenirs and other things that you like.

Explore the Botanic Gardens on River Road
If you are thrilled by beautiful flower collections, the Botanic Gardens located on River Road, Buronga should be the nice location for you to visit. It is a home to a large rose garden, exotic plants and rock garden. There is also a display of salt tolerant local flora. Local farmers also bring their produce at the Sunraysia Farmers' Market to sell them. So, you can use the opportunity to purchase organically produced foods.

Golf course opportunities
It is a nice location for golf lovers as there are a number of golf courses located here and there in the region. While some of the golf courses are located on the Murray River's banks some are located close to the city centre. So, if you are a golfer or you like playing golf, you should take advantage of the golf courses and catch enough fun.

Take a hot air balloon ride
If you want something unique and adventurous, you should consider taking a hot air balloon ride by the Murray River. From the air, you will be able to get a panoramic view. Alternative to this is a private tour on a twin engine plane or a helicopter ride. You can also travel to destinations like national parks and wineries with a chartered helicopter or plane.