Safety rules when relocating to Australia during COVID-19 pandemic

Since the coronavirus emerged, moving companies have decided to address their operating procedures for protecting customers and employees. The purpose of these procedures is coronavirus prevention for employees and reducing the risk of the infection while performing different tasks of removals to Australia from UK.

The company has developed a plan whereby employees and customers are required to share responsibility to limit the spread of the coronavirus. This plan has been endorsed by various professional organizations and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. All it takes is a few simple rules to help us move.

In case of in-home survey

Safety procedures when shippingDuring a home visit, it would be good if only one household member received our worker. For home visits, please ensure that individuals with chronic conditions are not present during the visit. It is also important that there is another person instead in the house to receive the worker.

The sales representative should be admitted by covering his mouth and nose with a mask. Our employee will also be equipped with a face mask. If possible, you should keep your distance.

If you suspect you have a coronavirus infection or feel unwell, please notify our office and reschedule the on-site survey. During the Covid-19 we strongly recommend taking advantage of our offer of video survey.

Our company allows you to take advantage of our services via your smartphone. With its help, it is possible to estimate the cubic volume of your private belongingsto be shipped to OZ.

How to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection during relocation to Australia

Our company uses risk incidence estimation for covid-19 infection. In order to customize our services, an essential element when selling our services by video or live will be a health interview.

In order to maintain special health safety and hygiene, goods from us are always checked in this regard.  When our employee visits, check that hygiene measures have been observed. For this purpose, it is important that the surfaces of the goods are cleaned.

Both interior and exterior doors must be disinfected. You should pack your goods in advance so that the team does not have to wait. Ensure that only one person is present at home when our employee visits.

Keep in mind that the number of employees at the moving site should be as small as possible and do not invite any other guests during this time. If you feel unwell on the day of your relocation to Australia, contact our company and let us know.

Rules for the moving day

Safety during COVID-19
  • The crew will not conduct operations if it is determined that the goods are not well cleaned. The team also has the right to resign if there is suspicion of ill-health in the householder or if the rules of social distance are not observed. The Company is not responsible for this
  • To minimize the risk of coronavirus infection, employees are required to wear a PPE mask.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask if you do not maintain social distance.
  • Keep doors and windows open during the moving day to bring air inside.
  • For the safety of employees and our customers, it is recommended that 2 meters of social distance will be used whenever possible. If this is not possible, wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose.
  • Employees will be in the use of disinfectants. They are required to disinfect the door handles and steering wheel.

Employees follow the rules of maintaining their own hygiene and the hygiene of goods. They are required to frequently wash their work clothes and disinfect the car, as well as use personal protective equipment.

If you suspect a failure to comply with the hygiene rules of an employee of our company, inform us about it.

We want to thank you for adhering to our safety rules. We wish you a safe journey home.

Our security procedures comply with the principles proposed by the Queen of England Government and our The British Association of Removers industry association.