How to entertain your kids during a long flight

Just a thought of getting trapped with a child who is screaming hell lot on airplane is sufficient to remain even the most covetous traveller on the grounds.  For others, it is more of driving them to play or to utter in an non-obvious sweet and high tone for hours long. What's the best way to keep your kids quiet, calm and entertained during a long flight to Australia? To spare many parents from this, here are some exuberant ideas to keep oneself busy on an airplane voyage. Below we have made a list or things and activities that will keep your children busy on the plane while travelling to Newcastle NSW, Sydney, Perth or any other location in Australia.

Keeping children occupied during while on the plane during a flightFirst and foremost, it is essential for you to know your personality, because like kids the  parents are also of several types regarding their personality, which mainly includes the planner parents, and the non-planner parents, the laid- back parents and the uptight parents, etc. We have also met them all at the same time probably been them all. With our list of things and activities to make children busy during a flight you will have a pleasant journey.

Then pick those airplane activities, which fit yours and your children's personality, the best, it is noted that many of the things contained in this list are inclined towards younger children. Just a simple fact that once a kid hits six, he is more likely to read and play on his own. Take a nod on the list below and use some to the tips and ideas to keep your children occupied during a long flight:

Give your child a present

When children are Young, they love presents. So you better keep them occupied by giving many things wrapping up on a gift paper during long flights. Small toys such as dolls, cars, games or even the treats such as candy and jelly-beans will also work. The most important thing they will love is unwrapping each of the items one by one and it also holds them involved for a long   time (taking sweets and chocolate to Australia)

Nothing occupies kids like sweets

This is one would prove to be the main source of entertainment for kids while on the plane. Think of small and non-messy snacks, which take a large amount of time to eat.  Pack all them in small boxes to extend the consumption time by several more minutes. Pack the food items that you know children like and those which are also new to them. New things arouse more interest and can keep your kids busy during the long part of the flight.

Doctor's Kit - Toy

This is one of the funniest ideas among all for all moving with children. For this, you need to take a kid-friendly kit of doctor's tools along with a toy or a doll for them to explore. Load the kit with a huge amount of gauze to peel, Band-Aids, pull and wrap, tape that will make your kid busy for long hours it has to spend on the plane.

Fun Place-mats

Keeping kids busy when traveling by planeThis is definitely one of the best ways of keeping your children busy while on the plane. Take a print out of drawings of various cartoons from web and then let your kid colour the place-mats. Also bring a tape so that it stays steady and stable over the tray table.


Photos are the things that are liked by many kids. They simply love watching the photographs. Before your voyage starts, you should put together all the small albums with snapshots of your friends and family you are going to visit while away. Your kids will love it and while watching the photos during the flight they will not grumble, scream or cry making the other passengers hate you and them. It is also advisable to take some pictores and information about best places to visit in Australia.

Books for kids are perfect for a long flight

The next and a very good moving advice on how to keep you kid busy during the flight are books. A huge variety of books for children are available in the market. Before going for a journey, it is better to buy some of them, which are interesting. The books will make your children excited towards several destinations, and it will be the best time pass for them, which will keep them busy for the most part of the flight to OZ.

Talk about Planes

Another crazy but effective idea to make your children doing something but making you tired while on the plane is to look at the pictures of planes, one night before you can tell various interesting stories related to transportation and shipping goods. This will not only make the kids very much excited regarding the experience of planes, but you could also use it as a chance to discuss the behaviour expectation while flying.

Comfort Factor

You should only pack those clothes that are their favourites. Such as their favourite panamas and the most relaxing outfits, which help the kids to sleep comfortably during your long flights. You should also not forget to keep extra clothes in case of any spills or accidents. For the kids, there is nothing worse in the world than that of remaining in wet clothes. Comfortable clothes will not itch your kid. This will keep it from fidgeting while flying.

List of thing to do when flying with kidsMap-quest

Another good advice to keep your children occupied during the flight is to take a print out of a map of the place from web and take some highlighters with you to map the path over the land and across the ocean. Finally, for return flight, you should try to keep the tickets, receipts, maps, stubs and menus to make a scrapbook on the plane ride.

Arts and Crafts

This of course varies with the age, but there are many toys that could span a large range of age. This includes sketchbooks, Stickers, pipe cleaners,  Wikki Stixs, etc. to make the kids busy with art and craft stuff while traveling to Australia on the plane.

The list of things and activities to keep your children calm, occupied and busy during the flight is never ending, as there are many other sources as well, such as videos, ready-made travel kit, tantrum kit, colouring, finger puppet, etc. It is up to you, which way you would prefer to manage and entertain your kid at a long flight.

Enjoy the best flight with your lovable kids!

Discover a list of things to keep kids busy during a flight. Find a great advise and many tips on how to keep children busy while on the plane. Go through a list of things and activities to occupy children during a long flight to keep them calm and quiet while on the plane.