How to send money to Australia?

Do you have plans to move to Australia? There are a couple of things you should know about transferring your money from the UK. In fact you have several options. To find out how to do it and what solution will be the cheapest and most secure may take you quite a while.

Fortunately you have found our company and do not have to worry any longer about that. If you plan to transfer money to an account in one of the Australian banks you probably will care about the exchange rate. With us you can secure most beneficial and satisfactory exchange rate and transfer you money whenever you are ready. The other things things you should also pay attention to are the fees and charges which can greatly diminish the amount sent.

What's the best way to transfer money?

Best way to transfer money to Australia from UKYou may be transferring money to Australia for many different reasons:

  • to fund your account
  • to support a family member
  • to make a gift to a friend
  • to buy things online
  • because you are moving to Australia

Whatever the reason you should consider all commonly available options and choose the one that correspond most with your requirements. Sending money to Australia from UK is neither difficult nor complicated because it is not subject to any currency transfer restriction.

How to transfer money from UK to Australia? List of popular options:


Money transfer Companies

Which bank?

Most banks offer money transfers to Australia for example HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays or Standard Chartered.

What company?

Also there are quite a few companies offering such services for instant you can choose Personal FX, Post Office, Tranzfers, Moneybookers, Western Union or Global Reach Partners.

  • You know your bank well
  • Direct transfer from your account to the account of the recipient
  • 100% secure
  • Service available 24/7
  • Immediate money transfer to the recipient account
  • You can secure the exchange rate
  • Banks usually offer poor exchange rates
  • Usually the service is available between 8am and 3pm
  • Banks charge both fees and commissions
  • Reluctant to specify the exact costs
  • Execution of the order may take several days
  • In order to arrange the foreign exchange transfer usually you have to visit the bank or call
  • Do not count on an attractive exchange rate, and watch out for the tricky advertising and interbank rates
  • High charges
  • Although your payment will be ready for collection in a very short period of time, it costs you a lot more
  • Sometimes the recipient must go to the collection point, which is not always convenient
  • Use only trusted and proved money transfer companies as there are many frauds out there


Sending money to Australia

If you are considering relocation to Australia, especially if you are planning for a long-term stay, it is obvious one of your crucial concerns is how to find the best way to transfer your money to the land Down Under. However, relocation is not the only reason for sending your money overseas. You might also want to support your family or friends living there, send some money as a Christmas gift, do an online purchase overseas or maybe you own a holiday home there and regularly travel between countries, which also requires frequent transfers of currencies. Nowadays, you also need to be aware that Brexit affected the GBP-AUD exchange rate.

On our website you can find a description of possible ways of transferring money to Australia, which may hopefully help you make a decision the most suitable to your needs. Choosing between a bank transfer and companies offering international money transfers depends on many factors you should take into consideration. In the case of relocation, a common problem with transferring money from the UK to Australia is that migrants often do not have an Australian bank account yet. Moreover, banks often charge a quite high fees per transaction, therefore it’s a good choice for one-off transactions rather than regular ones.

In order to decide on the best way of sending money to Australia from UK, it is recommended to check the offers of a few companies and banks to compare their rates. Do not go for the first deal.

Below you can find a few things to consider while asking a money transfer company or a bank about their offer for sending money to Australia:

  • What’s the rate for sending money overseas. In other words, how much money exactly will you get while sending a particular amount.
  •  How long does the entire process take? Is it rather hours than days?
  • Are there any additional fees to a transaction?
  • Is there any customer service available in case of any problems?
  • Can everything be arranged online or is it necessary to appear in person?
  • Is there any limit as per the amount you’d like to transfer?
  • Does the company look trustworthy? Did anyone recommend it to you?
  • How easy it is to send money overseas with them?
  • Are the transfers possible on weekends and public holidays?

MoneyIf you are shipping items to Geelong, Sydney, Perth, Bundaberg or any other area, and you plan to send money to Australia regularly or if you want to make a single payment then using your bank or money transfer agent may not be profitable. A simple example: to make a transfer of £500 from UK to Australia some banks or agents will charge you £50 (actual amount checked on 20.03.2013 4pm)

For comparison a transfer from UK to OZ using our money transfer service will cost 5 times less! With frequent transfers it is a big difference, not to mention the comfort and the safety. Contact us today we are really a convenient and flexible option.

If you are sending money on a regular basis with us you can save not only money but also time. Once you have created you account with us you can simply visit our website 24/7, log in and do what you want. Despite the fact that your account with us has a limit you can get rid of it for free. All you need to do is send us a copy of your identity card and a copy of a document confirming your current address. After a quick verification you will be able to make payments as often as you want for unlimited amounts. If you try us your answer to the question – what is the best way to transfer money to Australia? – will be Global Reach Partners.

Why Personal Foreign Exchange is the ideal way for transferring money?

  • We offer an attractive exchange rates GBP to AUD
  • We charge a small fee for the transfer to Australia
  • You can have a transfer at any time and place 24/7
  • Our payment platform is simple and comfortable in use
  • Forget the queues
  • Quickly, efficiently and with free registration
  • Low fees
  • Pay by credit card or by bank transfer

Transfer process itself is really easy:  

  • Log in using your email address and password
  • Initiate the payment by choosing the start and end currency, specify the amount and the reason for the payment
  • Check very carefully the currency rate exchange and the total cost of the international transfer
  • Add the money recipient details or choose them form a list if you have a payment to this person already
  • Accept if you happy with the service and make the payment

If you are also looking for UK to Australia shipping you can visit our home page for more info and our complex manu. We will also help you to open a bank account in Australia.