A few good tips on how to prepare and make baggage secure for the flight - things to do and not to do - tips

Preparing baggage for the flight

When preparing the luggage for the flight to Australia one of the most important thing is that your luggage meets certain conditions of your chosen airline. Make sure you have checked what weight, size and number of baggage you can carry free of charge. The other thing you should be aware of there are certain items restricted and banned from shipping by air. Make sure you know what those items are otherwise you may be stopped at the checking gate at the airport. In most cases the restricted items will be simply taken away from you but in the worst scenario you could be arrested and suffer further legal and financial consequences.

Things to do, rules and tips to prepare luggage for the flight:

  • Before the departure visit you airline website, find rules concerning shipping excess baggage and read them carefully. You can make notes so you can have a look at them later. All international couriers and carriers individually regulate the permissible number, the weight and size of hand and checked baggage.
  • Things to do, rules and tips to prepare luggage for the flightFor hand luggage (luggage taken on board ) never pack items restricted or prohibited from possessing in the aircraft cabin . Before departure check the list of items completely excluded from having on board.
  • Make sure your baggage is not damaged and can be closed properly. Try to close and lock your suitcase a few times. For more security you can wrap your baggage , using a special transparent film, tape or suitcase covers.
  • Do not leave packing for the last minute. Always prepare your luggage at least a couple of days prior to moving to Australia.
  • If you have any fragile items and do now how to pack them you can use our international packing services.
  • Protect delicate and fragile items , wrap them with a soft cloth or paper.
  • If you intend to shipping antiques in your luggage make all dangerous and sharp edges secure. You can wrap them with your clothes or if you have a bit more space you can use special packaging  for example mirror boxes.
  • Prepare baggage labels or simply mark each luggage with your personal contact details. You can also use tags that you have received during check-in. In case of any unpredicted situations like emergency landing or baggage lose it will be much easier to find your baggage.
  • Remove all labels from your baggage from previous trips . Leaving them on may result in passing your luggage to another airport or carrier.
  • Weigh your luggage before taking it to the airport to avoid paying extra shipping charges for extra baggage.
  • Jewellery, shipping small electronics, money, keys, medicines, documents and other valuables always pack into the baggage that you carry with you on the plane.
  • Remember that if you want to bring liquid cosmetics , gels or any other liquids in your hand luggage they must be in containers of 100 ml, and must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with a capacity of up to 1 litre.

Making luggage secure for the flight

Transparent bags for liquidsMake sure you follow all the rules above when preparing your baggage and hand luggage for the flight. By complying  with your airline conditions you will avoid all unnecessary stress, unpleasant situations, extra charges and first and foremost you will minimize the chances  of your baggage being lost during the flight.

Remember that the guys moving your suitcases from the airport onto the plane and from the plane to the destination airport will throw you luggage like it was unbreakable and undestroyable.  You can’t forget all the items inside too. So there are two main things worth doing to prepare your luggage for the flight to Australia.

First of all get some stretch foil / stretch wrap to wrap around your baggage. To protect the items inside just make sure the fragile items are between your clothes and there is no empty space inside of the luggage. If there is some empty space fill it with a foam or crumpled newspapers. This will prevent the items inside from moving and getting damaged.