Is Darwin a good place to live? - 10 reasons to move to this beautiful town in Australia - find it out today!

From UK to Darwin

Darwin is a good place to move from the UK especially if you do not have a lot of money and you are still looking for a job. The living costs here are relatively cheaper than in Sydney or Melbourne.

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Moving to Darwin

Shipping to Darwin from UK

Why Britons choose Darwin as a place to relocate to?

Darwin is a place, which is cheaper as compared to that of Britons. The value of living is not that high in Darwin, so the people can save a substantial amount of their salary and for example buy a house. Darwin was basically an under explored place of Australia, but now people are exploring many opportunities here. With the growing development of places, there are also many job opportunities here. Many new positions are being planned every day and thus proving unending employment opportunities. It is of course a nice place to live in because of its natural beauty; there is a different kind of peace obtained. So one can live here without any stress and the level of contamination is also very low in the city. From every angle, the city is a good place to get the job opportunity, natural beauty, and cost of living, less pollution anything. All these create Darwin an ideal place to move to.

How to get to Darwin from UK - Flight price, flight duration, what airports?

DarwinThere are a plenty of flights available from various locations of UK for reaching to Darwin. If you are moving to Darwin from London there is a number of flights at your doorstep. The price of every service provider is different from the other service provider. Basically, it will cost you from a slab of £ 696 - £ 10419. One could also avail several discount opportunities as well. The total distance a flight has to cover is 13840 km.

Nearest airport - The nearest airport to Darwin is ALICE SPRINGS, which is 1300.87 kms from it.

Most wanted jobs in Darwin

As we know that Darwin is now getting developed so there are many fields in which jobs are available. There is no any field, which is under-explored. Most common jobs are available in the Tourism industry as this industry is growing at a very high rate due to several tourists and historical spots being present in the region.

Except that there are jobs in private companies and hotel business. Hotel business is also on peak so various levels of jobs in a number of hotels are waiting for you. Jobs in property and real estate ventures are also getting popular over there due to enhancement of property owning trend in Darwin. There are various other jobs available for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers, etc. to fill up the various posts in different sectors. (visa for Australia).

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In Darwin, more jobs are available in the private sector as compared to that of the public sector. Public sector is not having so much job opportunities there. But one could victim that private sector sometimes has an overflow of jobs. The rate of unemployment is very less in Darwin and at the same time the opportunities for outsiders are also immense. A lot of our clients are kitchen chefs, joiners and mechanics for which we are very often shipping to Darwin their tools.

Real estate in Darwin

The real estate business is also growing with the passage of time. Many people who immigrated there have also started investing in properties there, as initially the rate of property was not so high as compared to that of the UK where there is an immense rate of the property. There are several rules and guidelines for outsiders who invest their money properly at Darwin, which they have to follow. Most houses are rented out unfurnished that's why most of our clients are shipping furniture, personal items and plenty of boxes with kitchen stuff and home decoration. Organizing shipping to Darwin on your own may be a bit tricky. However with out help you will be able to send to Darwin any amount of furniture, white goods and boxes from any location in the UK - London, Bristol, Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Southampton, Newcastle and many many more.

There are basic info available related to the rent and sale which is as below:

Rent costs Per Month

Housing in Darwin - rent costs per month1 bedroom apartment in City Centre costs about 2,045.00 A$
1 bed room Apartment outside of Centre costs about 1,702.71 A$
3 bedroom Apartment in City Centre costs about 3,578.56 A$
3 bed room Apartment outside of Centre costs about 2,931.00 A$
Buy Apartment Price -
Price per Square Meter for an Home in City Centre 5,700.00 A$
Price per Square Meter for an Apartment Outside of Centre 5,500.00 A$

Basic info about Darwin

Darwin is the centre city of the North Region, which is a place to enjoy a tropical and relaxed lifestyle. Darwin is an ideal place to visit the beautiful areas, which are listed in World Heritage. It is surrounded by National Parks and visiting places includes Kakadu National Park. It has literally grown up from a remote outpost to a modern capital city, which is Australia's only tropical city, which is also a capital and has a population of around 72,000 with about 26,000 more people in the combined satellite city of Palmerston and has surrounded by a rural area. Due to Darwin being surrounded by water golf clubs shipping sport equipment, climbing gear, kayaks and boats is also very common among the people moving from the UK. The city has the population on average, younger than that of the rest of Australia. The city has a very relaxed lifestyle, with a total tropical touch and a multitude of attractions. People who experience Darwin once and the Top End of it will never forget it. The city has a heart stirring beauty and its serenity is what makes people to live here forever. Enjoy the new experience in Darwin.

UK to Darwin moversWhy shipping do Darwin with Darwin Movers?

UK to Darwin movers can be of a great help to you if you are thinking of a full house removals to Darwin. Taking a full service you will not have to do anything. Shipping companies to Darwin can move you from anywhere in the UK and deliver your belongings, excess baggage, boxes and other items to wherever you want.

Just give us an address and your goods will be sent there with no delay. If you are not sure what you want to ship we will be happy to provide a number of options so you can see the differences between the shipping costs to Darwin.

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