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In Australia customs is a government body or an agent in charge of controlling the flow of cargo imported to the country and exported out of the country. Its main responsibility is also to collect custom duties charged on transported freight: personal goods, cars, machinery and other goods.



Any items that you are bringing with you to Australia must be declared and the Customs Duty and/or Goods and Services Taxes (GST) may be applied.

Customs Clearance in Australia

Australian Customs Clearance

How the duty is calculated for household items?

  1. Customs value
    Sum up the invoices and receipts you have received when purchasing the items you want to ship.
  2. Duty on household goods is usually free or 5%
  3. Shipping cost
    Sum up all transportation and insurance costs.
  4. GST - Goods and Services Taxes
    GST = ( Customs value + duty + shipping costs) * 10%

How to calculate Customs Duty and GST taxes?

Below we have prepared an example on how Australian customs duty and Goods and Services taxes on household goods are calculated.

Australia Customs Duty and GST calculation example

Importing from: United Kingdom
Importing to: Australia
Product description: Books
Product value: £100,00
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Product description: Furniture
Product category: household furniture, domestic items
Product value: £8 200,00
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Product description: Computer
Product category: Desktop PC
Product value: £500,00
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Product description: Fridges, Freezers
Product category: Fridges & Freezers - Refrigerated volume of/over 269 litres but under 382 litres (8418210045)
Product value: £1 000,00
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Total customs value(TCV): £9 800,00
- Duty: (Total customs value * 5%) £490,00
Shipping costs (SC): £2 500,00
Insurance(I): £150,00
- GST (TCV + Duty + SC + I)*10% £1 294,00
Total import duty & taxes due: £1 784,00
Notes on duty & taxes rates
Duty is 5% and GST is 10%

Other GST calculations

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Download: Excell format file : Australian duty and customs taxes calculator

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