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Gold Coast

If you want to enjoy a lot of sun Darwin is the place to relocate to from the UK.

Plenty of sunny beaches, low unemployment rate and an unique nature make it a perfect place to use.

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Relocating to Gold coast

Gold coast is actually one of the best places to be if you ever set foot in Australia. Have you been searching for the city to live and work? Gold Coast is one of the best choices for you. This is a city with a population of about 590,000 inhabitants.  This city is the 6th largest in Australia and boasts to be the city that is larger than two capitals in Australia. With a landmass of about 5000 sq km, with 70km as coastal area, it has the largest tropical rainforest in the whole world and an amazing 100,000ha of nature reserves. One thing this city parades more than all others is the natural reserves and the green ecosystems, ranging from parks, forests, game reserves and many others. If you are planning removals to Gold Coast from the UK you have made a good choice.

Life, work and the economy of Gold Coast

When it comes to economy, it is driven by the marine industry. This is because it is a hugely coastal city. However, the aforementioned made sure the economy experiences a $15.6 billion growth in the gross regional product in 2008.  Apart from the marine industry, it also enjoys a lot of economic activities in the construction and retail areas.  The tourism industry, mostly marine and ecotourism also plays a significant part in the economy. You will also get things like IT, education, environment, food, sports, creative industry, and the services sector offering huge economic activities and boosting the economy.

House prices, airports, flights from the UK and prices, what airports

One area where you will never have any problem in Gold Coast is when it comes to the area of transportation.  There are different means through which you can get around in Gold Coast and this includes, land transportation through rail and buses, the air transportation through different flight schedules and then the water transportation with the ferries. You can also own a car and navigate through the connecting road networks.

House prices, airports, flights from the UK and prices, what airportsThe Gold Coast domestic and international airport serves as the gateway into the city. You will definitely find flights from here to all the other parts of the world on a daily basis. This also offers domestic carrier services for people who want to move around other states of Australia.

This airport which won the award of the fastest growing airport in Australia in 2010 entertains up to 350 direct flights each week. This airport is also amazing because of the retail outlets available for visitors who want to make purchases. These are duty free zones where you can shop on a free mode without any qualms.

There are many other airports near Gold Coast which can also bring you in and out of the city. They include the Brisbane airport, the Sydney Kingsford Smith airport, the Mount Hotham and the Melbourne Tullamarine airport.

You will also enjoy flights from this airport to many locations in the UK. The cost of flights from Gold Coast to London is between £851, to $1,350. The regular flights connections offer to all newcomers easy shipping to Gold Coast of excess baggage and all necessary personal belongings needed when you first arrive in here.

When it comes to housing, you will have great houses that will be commensurate with what you earn. A 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre will go for about 1,518.61 A$, outside the city centre, it will be about 1,299.48 A$. A 3 bedroom apartment in the city will cost about 2,088.67 A$, while outside the city, it will be 1,586.00 A$.

Reasons to Move to Gold Coast

There are many reasons why you should move to Gold Coast from United Kingdom. The number one reason is that flights from the UK are actually cheaper than to most of the other Australian areas. When you are shipping to Gold Coast, you may even have to pay as little as $48 for a flight to get there. This means you can be coming and going at any time you wish.

Another reason why you may decide on removals to Gold Coast is the housing. It offers great houses in very affordable costs. The simple thing is that housing and accommodation in here is great.

Reasons for moving to Gold Coast from UKAnother thing that will make you moving to Gold Coast are the beaches. If you are living in those nations or states where you have to drive the whole day for you to get to one over-used beach, you need to come here and enjoy nature at its best.

There are many here. You can start from the Broadbeach or the Surfers Paradise. Fer people going on holiday we offer affordable shipping to Gold Coast from London, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Mostly we send sporting equipment like surfboards, scuba diving gear, kayaks, canoes, pontoons, speedboats, underwater scooters ,seadoo scooters , sea doo, sea scooters, bicycles and many more. Just give us a quick call for a free UK to Gold Coast shipping cost estimate.

Do you enjoy good food? This place houses the best buffet breakfast in the whole continent. You need to have a very real taste of this as it will tantalize you. It will give a great start for the day. You need to move here because of the parks both artificial and natural where you can relax at any time. Again, there are various types of foods for both local and foreign cuisines that will keep you salivating all the time. There are hills to climb to exercise the muscle if you are looking for exercises. You will enjoy lots of festivals and shows. Most of them are dinner shows to relax after the work of the day.

Another thing that make Britons think about shipping to Gold coast their house content and removals from the UK is that it is a city for both the rich and poor. Whatever budget you have, you will see everything at the rate you need it. Everybody enjoys the same types of fun but according to each person’s budget. You can never get bored here because there are many attractions to keep you busy and excited all the time

Things to do in Gold Coast

Once you have moved you will not have time to get bored. There are many things that will keep you busy if you find yourself in the city of Gold Coast. You can engage in lots and lots of activities that will keep you laughing and smiling.

You can start by doing the beach thing. Just get soaked up in one of the numerous beaches in the coast and you will enjoy the good things of life. This will give you more fun and excitement when you do it while the sun is up there. The coasts are very close to you in any part of the city.

There are also many theme parks that have been erected near these coasts to give your life a relaxing moment. You can use this to kill the whole day if you have the need. The dolphins, sea beds and many other animals will be at your beck and call.
The coast has lots and lots of lush hinterlands. If you ever pay a visit to any of these, you will always long to repeat the visit and have some time with nature and peace.

If you like sightseeing and jaunts out of town you should think about shipping a car or bringing a motorcycle to Gold Coast from the UK. You will be able to explore the local area and its beauty in more details. A motor-vehicle will help you to discover wild beaches for a great picnic.

You can also take some time out to have a very good tour of the villages that adjourns the city. You will interact with the locals and hear them tell you great stories. You will enjoy beautiful and natural village life if you do so.

You can also have a good time at the five star hotels around. From any of the high rise hotels, you will enjoy a view of the whole of the coastal city. It promises to be very intriguing.

You can also enjoy going close to any of the rainforests around. In fact, if you desire to see untapped and unperturbed nature, come to gold coast. The one thing is certain- moving to Gold Coast from the UK will make your life more interesting.

You can also engage in many water exercises and sports. This ranges from the beach volleyball and beach soccer. You can use a jet boat, learn to paddle with the paddleboard, learn how to surf and many others. You can even go shopping in any of our boutiques and markets around. You will always have very good and fascinating time doing this, and you will come back with good buys. You can finally enjoy golf in any of the numerous courses around.

Shipping costs free estimate

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Furniture and household goods delivery

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UK to Gold Coast Shipping companies - boxes, furniture, goods, excess baggage

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