Sea Container Tracking Methods

One thing you will never want to hear is the story that something unpleasant has happened to your container. Yes, this is one story that you cannot afford. If you are talking about your car or any other property, if anything goes wrong, you can always replace this from the money you earn from your business. But when the wrong happens to your business, it affects your entire life. This is the reason why you must always take all necessary steps to insure that your containers move and arrive safely to their destinations intact. One of the ways of doing this is by tracking and tracing the movement of the sea containers so as to forestall any dangers.

Reasons to track and trace a container

When you track and trace your container, you insure the security of the container and here, you automatically curb the possibility of theft of your container occurring. This will also reduce the diversion of containers.

Online container monitoring solutionThere has always been the need for many physical escorts to follow the containers in situations where the trust between the conveyers and the owners of the containers are not too strong. With the tracking and tracing system, the need for this is eliminated.

Another thing you will achieve by tracking your container shipping or rather reason why you must track your container is that it makes the movement a reliable one, in the sense that there will be uninterrupted movement of the cargo.

You also track containers for visibility because the tracking systems will aid you to have updates on the live locations of all journeys and assets. It is always good to have the possibility to track you container through an online monitoring system.

It also makes for efficiency, because you would have eliminated some form of cost routing. It also improves the transit time.
The cost of fuel is reduced, revenue streams are increased and most importantly, insurance costs are reduced or even eliminated since you have the destiny of your container seemingly in your hands through the tracking.

However, there are many container tracking and tracing methods out there, and they come with different technologies. So whether you are moving to Sydney or planning removals to Newcastle you can be sure that your belongings can be tracked at any stage of the shipping process. We also offer full tracking solutions for local shipping services to Wollongong, Perth or other city in OZ.

TAG security alerts

This is one of the most used container tracking and tracing systems. This system involves the placing of tags on the containers to give proper information to the owner about the whereabouts of the containers in question. The security alerts that come from the tag system will sound when the tag is tampered with, when there is a missing read, when the tag is armed and when it is armed outside.  Again, you will get alerts when the container is authorized for unlock, when the tag is unarmed, and when the tag is not deactivated.  When the container is en-route its destination, you will get such alerts as the origin of the departure. You will also be alerted when the container stays longer in a particular destination, when it deviates from the original route, when it changes direction and whenever it arrives to its final destination. Things like low battery, vehicle moving while the engine is off and the disconnection of the IVM will also give you alerts. TAG security alerts tracking and tracing solution is at the moment most commonly used when shipping to Australia from UK.

Intelleflex container monitoring and tracking system

This is another cost effective system for the monitoring and tracking of containers. It has proven to be effective in the past. This is mostly used on the ports. Here, the Intelleflex RFID readers are placed at all the key points in the port to give accurate information on which containers that are leaving and the ones that are entering the port. The locations of the containers in the ports are also ascertained with this. They are developed with a sort of on board memory that enables them store and access e-manifests wirelessly from the tag. They are designed with batteries that last for four years. And, you can read the tag in distances of more than 100 meters. They come with the capacity to withstand outdoor temperatures, etc.

AGAM-1 and AGAM-R tracking solution

Alert systemAGAM-1 is another tracking method. This is borne out of a rigorous research process. The result is this small device which has been described as ingenious. The good thing about this is that it is installed in the container like a container vent and therefore looks invisible.

The trick here is for you to replace a normal vent with this and nobody will notice it. The good thing about both the AGAM-1 and its AGAM-R counterpart is that it reports to your cell phone. You can send commands to this through your cell phone and receive updates from it on your cell phone.

Another method is the use of a black box that tells you everything about your container and its location. This goes to the extent that you will know all the people that enters and leaves the container, and the temperature of your container at any given time.

The INTTRA Container Tracking

This a web based tracking system. This gives you six different indices for all shipped containers. These include the date of receipt, vessel it is loaded on, the day departed and day arrived. You can access all this information through a web interface. The most important things you will get to know from this includes the container number, vessel, voyager number, bill of laden, trading partner, carrier name, purchase order, 180-day date range,  latest location, latest event, etc.